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    LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    7:24.29 168.53 km/h -- Maserati MC12, 632 PS/1335 kg
    7:24.65 168.40 km/h -- Pagani Zonda F Clubsport, 641 PS/1230 kg
    7:25.21 168.19 km/h -- Ferrai Enzo, 660 PS/1365 kg
    7:28.71 164.76 km/h -- Porsche Carrera GT, 612 PS/1475 kg
    7:33.55 163.62 km/h -- Koenigsegg CCX, 817 PS/1280 kg

    All cars driven by porfessional touring car race driver Marc Bassenq, evo 09/08

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    Very nice, I love all those cars

    Are all cars stock down to the tires, or were there slight modifications on some? If they were all stock, it means the Pagani and Enzo both beat the Corvette ZR1's 7:26.4, although it appears the Viper ACR's 7:22.xx still holds (yes I know the last 2 were done by their respective manufacturer, but nonetheless).


    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    how's the enzo a second smaller than the MC12? isnt it the same car??

    CGT is by far the best looking car.. but i guess not quite up there in terms of seconds missing. who cares at this level. I wouldn't know the difference in speed/acceleration!

    thanks for the pictures.

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    Hmm, little bit disappointed by the CGT, had always hoped it would be only 10ths of seconds slower than the enzo. But now I see the power/weight ratios for both cars, I do understand.

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    I'm not surprised that the Maserati is leading this field. I'm also disappointed by the CGT.

    Would have been good seeing different drivers results to get an average.

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    Interesting to see that the Koenigsegg - that's almost 200 hp up on the rest of them - is the slowest by several seconds.

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    CGT with PS2 or Sport Cup?

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    The MC12 also probably has the best aero package, maybe giving it some edge in the certain fast sections of the Green Hell.

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    Is there any further explanation within the article about the cars' particular strenghts and weaknesses? CGT and Enzo certainly have been limited by their particular tire choices. How difficult to drive have they been, especially in direct comparison?

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    Thank you for the great pics BiTurbo.

    I expected a faster time to, for the CGT.

    Very impressed with the Enzo and Zonda time.

    The supercar I like the most there for sure is the Zonda F, incredible.

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    In case not all have seen the actual article, Black Falcon who prepared and maintain these vehicles do so on behalf of ONE OWNER. Also, Mr Basseng crashed the CCX-think it was written off and it was the first all carbon CCX delivered. It was apparently a handful although it was clearly the quickest car in a straight line.

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    I can't say I'm disappointed with the Carrera GT, it's heavier than the other cars, with less power. Plus, it definitely costs less than the others.

    I'm proud of my favorite (recent) Porsche!

    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    In terms of looks and look only this is how I see it...

    1st - The Zonda and CCX (cant decide which is the best looking)
    2nd - CGT
    3rd - Enzo
    4th - MC12 (it's fugly and out or proportion IMO)


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    Re: LOTR (Lords of the ring)

    funny i was looking at this thread yesterday when i searched for that ZR1 ring video.

    To me the CGT is on another level looks wise (when in black) so smooth and refined, the engine bay is awesome looking and from the back it looks like a batmobile.

    The pagani and koenigsegg look like kit cars, though the zonda is great on the inside.

    the enzo and mc12 are fugly.



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