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    One of my favorite pictures from ...

    ... the RC & CR meeting a few weeks ago.

    Here is another nice picture

    Also nice ...

    I really like this one

    Looks nice!

    Looking at these pictures one question comes to my mind: By how much have you reduced the ride of your turbo (1, 2, 3 cm)? Have you experienced any problems with regards to day-to-day usage of your car as a consequence of this modification? And, has the handling improved?

    Re: Also nice ...

    Great pics guys,
    Howevere, there is one thing that bothers me on CR's car.
    The font spoiler looks much lower than the rest of the car, looks a bit weird on the pics, maybe it's fine in reality.
    That's because it's the GT2's front spoiler I suppose.
    I have the same situation on my C4C, but the other way round, but the difference is more subtle, I have stock front spoiler with GT3 side skirts, hence, the middle part of my car looks closer to the ground.
    Have you thought about putting GT2 sideskirts? They're painted all the way down as opposed to the turbo's.
    Otherwise, great german forest (er, is it in Germany?)
    One other thing, the kind of thing you don't notice when your car is crashfree, but they didn't fix my front spoiler properly, it sticks one cm on one side which can be fixed easily, but have you noticed, when you open the front boot, and you play with the headlamps, they move a bit, I thought it was just my car, so I went to my dealer, and tried it with a new car, same thing!!! It's fine when once you close the boot, just a little detail.
    Talking about finish quality, the plastic around my passenger door handle is falling appart, arrgghhh!!!!!!!

    Re: Looks nice!

    30 mm.
    No real problems but I don't use my car as a daily driver anymore. Look at the picture, we went a bit "off-road" and no real problems either.
    Handling has improved a bit but not as much as I expected. This is the street racing version from H&R with double springs on the rear. There is still some comfort left and the ride is not that stiff as it might appear. For track use definetely too "soft" and the swaybars should be adapted (I still have the stock ones).

    GT2 skirts

    The GT2 side skirts are the same as on the 996 Turbo, there is no difference. No, they're not painted fully by the factory, this is an option only (same thing can be done on the Turbo too).
    Sorry to hear about the "quality" problems, I have to confess that I never checked the lights on other cars (not even on mine to be honest ).

    Re: Also nice ...

    In reply to:
    Howevere, there is one thing that bothers me on CR's car. The font spoiler looks much lower than the rest of the car, looks a bit weird on the pics, maybe it's fine in reality.

    Fanch, I have a black front lip on order. The other way to go is painting the side skirts. A very hard decision

    What do you think?

    I miss Germany

    I still have the great memories with CR and his car friends even it was only a day, Just hope next summer, My turbo and I will be included in the picture

    Paint the side skirts! The car will look lowered!

    Ground clearance will be the same anyway. So you might as well have them painted.
    But aren't the GT2's sideskirts painted, as opposed the Turbo's, BTW, the black plastic part look really cheap

    Re: GT2 skirts

    I think you're right about the painted side skirts, my mistake
    I was talking about the ones I saw at the factory equiped on a Turbo with body kit, nice lower front lip painted in the car colour and painted side skirts, looks much better, although I'm not sure about the rear wing, would have been nice with the GT2 wing.
    Don't be sorry about the quality, Porsche is still among the best, although I must say I am very very impressed with the interior of our new SL500, but it's light beige, so keeping it clean will be a nightmare. Will post pics soon.
    The thing with Porsche is that you have to choose the right option, too much cheap looking plastic as standard, if I could, I'd go for the large leather pack, really makes a difference!!!
    But some people just care about performance which is why it's probably just on the endless options list.

    I think so too...

    I think it will look good if RC have black lip, because his car is red and black give some contrast...

    If polar silver, I would much rather have it painted... I told CR that already

    I always loved those black Wheels RC, NT



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