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    I'd love to let my dream come true..


    Druring my search for Porsche Online stuff I finally found this site here.
    I'd love to buy a Porsche 997 due to the big step forward IMHO compared to the 996 design. I simply cannot get used to the frontpart of the 996, but that's only my personal opinion of course.
    I know that right know I am not able to buy me a new 997 right away, but a used one should be in reach.
    In 2007 the leasing contract of my actual car is running out and up to this moment there should be the possibility to buy a used one.
    Here are my questions to the 'pros' around you. Perhaps there are any porsche owners who can give me some hints, I should be aware of buying a used Porsche.
    The car will rave run about 40000 km... are there any known issues about the longlife terms of carparts?
    How long does a porsche engine last? How many kilometres?
    As I live in germany: Perhaps anyone can tell me (might send me email) about the costs of a Porsche 911 Carrera.
    I'm not talking about gas costs or something- just how much is the insurance stuff, taxes, service check ups?
    I simply don't have any idea about that.
    Thank you for your help. I appreciate it very much!


    Re: I'd love to let my dream come true..


    Noone can give me an advice on this matter?

    Re: I'd love to let my dream come true..

    Kaykay said:

    Noone can give me an advice on this matter?


    Re: I'd love to let my dream come true..

    Funny how some parts of the car people didn't like when they first saw it, then after buying one anyway, they came to love those same parts that they initially didn't care for.

    The car is extremely expensive compared to normal cars, so half of the "fun" is the chance you'll be paying alot of money for it and paying alot to insure it and for getting it fixed. Sadly, you gotta have the cash to blow to drive one AND enjoy it fully (after warrenty especially).

    Also, you can get alot of info here by using the search function.

    Re: I'd love to let my dream come true..

    Hi - I think it's tricky. I think this forum is mainly used for getting info on new models, choosing your spec/options, posting pictures, reporting problems etc Not necessarily ideal for enquiring about buying used cars.

    Re: problems reported on the net, just because one person's car develops a particular fault, that does not mean that that particular fault is common or that anyone else has experienced it. What you really need to check is a user car buyer's guide. They point out what things you should look for when considering a particular car. You can find such magazines in your local newspaper shop. The only thing is that the 997 has only been on sale since about Sept 2004 so it is still too soon to know if there are any major faults to watch out for. The only major engine fault which some people with the 996 experienced was the Rear Main Seal oil leak problem. However, it certainly looks to me that this problem is much more rare with the 997. I even think that all new 997 cars are now fitted with a new type of seal (based on the Cayenne) which avoids this problem completely.

    I couldn't give you any advice about service costs or insurance. Insurance is highly country specific anyway and will depend heavily on your own driving record, where you live, how much car crime there is where you live etc etc. The car itself is usually in the highest insurance group in the UK. I think in the UK, it's great if you can spend as little as Pounds1000 per year. Most people spend more like Pounds1500 in the UK.

    As for engine life, it wouldn't suprise me if a Porsche engine could do 300,000 miles if properly cared for. I think when the Day of Judgement eventually comes, the only cars still running will be Merc S Classes and Porsches.

    Here's a BBC top gear guide to buying a used car:

    4Car has a great guide too:

    What Car:


    Hope this helps. Good luck!

    Re: I'd love to let my dream come true..

    Hey Easy - wish I'd met you BEFORE I bought my car.

    That's some excellent advice you've just given.

    Re: I'd love to let my dream come true..

    I think you'll find that the 997 has the least defects among 'exotic' automobiles today. So, when buying a used one, you will have less issues to contend with. One overriding issue that comes to mind is always the RMS,--Rear Main Seal. (Hintere Hauptdichtung) This continues to plague the 997 like the 996. I think they are close to a solution for it, however.


    Re: I'd love to let my dream come true..

    you have an '07 997S?

    Re: I'd love to let my dream come true..

    I've ordered an '07 997S. You'll see that I am expecting to collect it in Stuttgart.



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