Has anyone else had difficulty starting their 996TT in cold weather? Mine is relatively new (less than 3000 km) on it and it seems that it will not start on the first turn of the key in the ignition. However, when I try the second time it always starts. Where I live the recent weather has been cold, but not truly frigid cold as in Alaska or Iceland. So I am a bit mystified why this is a problem.

I have read the manual and all it says is what to do if the car does not start on the first turn of the ignition. Since this car is new with very low mileage, I find it surprising that I have to do this with any kind of regularity.

I have searched for posts on this issue and can't find any. Please give me some forbearance if I suffer from Helen Keller syndrome and just plain missed an earlier post on the issue. So what gives?... Does anyone know?