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    Buzzing noise from glove box area...

    I have an annoying buzzing coming from the glove box area on my C2S and I'm having a tortuous time trying to find it....

    Are there any known areas in the vicinity where I can check?

    Thanks all.

    Re: Buzzing noise from glove box area...

    Not sure about "buzzing." The only thing I can think of: If I hear __creaking__ I think of two pieces of plastic trim rubbing ever-so-perfectly against eachother so as to create a "musical" note (buzz?). Easily eliminated by spraying every suspect junction of plastic pieces with 100% silicone spray.

    Oh, the "buzzing" that drove me nuts once was coming from a defective CD player in the PCM. It just was in a loop of trying to eject a non-existant CD. Whole thing got replaced under warrenty.

    That's all I know... .

    Good luck!!

    Re: Buzzing noise from glove box area...

    I have a similar problem, it's been to the dealer a couple of times, on both occasions it's come back after a few days (and worse than before). The cause on mine has been what they described as loose cabling brushing against the "airbox". I'm going to take mine back in for another repair attempt soon and if I get any better info or get it fixed I'll post back here.

    Re: Buzzing noise from glove box area...

    Most likely it's air intake valve - it's electric and once faulty tends to emit different type of strange noise. Just turn ignition on without starting the engine and listen - if it's there, that's it.

    Re: Buzzing noise from glove box area...

    I had a buzzing too. Drove me mad for almost a year before I worked out what it was.

    It was the lock for the glove compartment. Whilst driving along and the buzzing starts, put your finger on the key area of the lock and see if it goes away.

    My OPC had to order me a new lock.

    Re: Buzzing noise from glove box area...

    Also, worth getting a passenger to place their fingers on different parts of the cup holders and surrounding plastic when the buzzing starts.

    Re: Buzzing noise from glove box area...

    Thanks all. I had my Dad trying to find it the other day but was unsuccessful. This one is a pain to find and one of the most irritable noises you could imagine....thanks for the other ideas, i'll check em out tomorrow...

    Re: Buzzing noise from glove box area...

    Check the faux aluminum trim on the side of your console... Mine buzzed like a chainsaw until I crammed some foam behind it... What a moronic design...



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