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    Maserati's future...

    On Wednesday, Fiat announced it was spinning off Maserati from Ferrari, that's it, no more links between the two companies.
    Maserati is now under the control of Alfa Romeo.
    And today, the british CEO Martin Leach, just got fired.
    I mean, what's going on? I hope they know what they're doing.
    I thought Leach was good news but clearly, Totd and the Italians didn't think so.
    IMHO, this could be the beginning of the end for maserati, although the Quattroporte is doing ok, the coupe and spyder sales are short of pathetic, it's a shame and ultimately sad... I hope I'm wrong

    Re: Maserati's future...

    unfortunately, I think you're right. Very unfortunate for Maserati they were at the verge of turn around and now all is about to vanish again .

    Re: Maserati's future...

    i dont think maserati were never 'on the verge of a turnaround'

    the residuals for the cars tell all, they were never short of abbysmal.

    Re: Maserati's future looks very uncertain

    Like how much will Ferrari raise the price of the V8 motors that Maserati uses? What about their dealerships that are part of the Ferrari 'empire" ???

    Re: Maserati's future...

    It's possible that it's strategic. Fiat has suggested they want to bring Alfa back to the U.S. market and that's going to take building a new dealer network. Being able to offer two brands to the dealers might make some of them more eager to invest. And they suddenly find themselves with two billion dollars free cash to spend, which may have something to do with the timing of this announcement.

    Not that, in my opinion, investing in a Alfa/Maserati dealership would be the best use of one's money, based on both brands former sales and reliability histories in this country. I think it will be a very hard fight for them.


    Re: Maserati's future looks very uncertain

    Good point,
    Moogle, sad but true, the depreciation of the Maser have always been extremely steep, you can get a 3200GT in France for a very low price considering it's a 370 hp GT.
    I hope you're right but there's gonna be a lot of work involved.
    Presently, all the maserati dealerships are joined with Ferrari, so what's it gonna be?
    New Maserati/ Alfa dealerships?
    Or join Alfa to Ferrari/ Maserati dealerships in the US?
    What a blow for Ferrari!
    You'd go and buy your Alfa 156 station wagon standing next to a 575 Superamerica!

    Re: Maserati's future looks very uncertain

    i think it could be positive for maser - will give them a stronger parent and a parent that wants to bring alfa and fiat more worldwide, and maser will help with that. also, maser and ferrari are still going to collaborate. remember, fiat still owns almost 50% of ferrari.

    Re: Maserati's future looks very uncertain

    maserati as a brand just isnt strong enough to carry them at their price points.

    people buy a maserati because they are REALLY trying hard to be different. otherwise they would buy a porsche.

    at the 60-120k price point for GT/Sports cars porsche dominates the market.

    so, this automatically limits the sales maserati can do, even if they are a 'limited' production company, it is difficult for them to sell cars, and the residuals are ALWAYS terrible and always have been always will be.

    the brand just isnt strong enough, it has old time credit, but that was MANY years ago. its like bugatti.



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