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    are you going to test drive a cayenne this winter?

    i've noticed lots of us have suv's listed among current vehicles owned.

    no flames,please--i hate suv's but i suspect lots of other porsche owners don't. i'd rather have porsche make the profit instead of bmw, mb, ford or gm.


    I have no interest in the Cayenne because the concept lacks appeal. I agree with Ignacio regarding the sale of this vehicle and I would like Porsche to be successful with this venture, so that the company continues to do well.

    I have 2 Tahoes and a Suburban. The last thing that I need/want now is another SUV.

    //// \\\\

    Spider, you forgot the C4 coupe no sunroof, NT

    Re: are you going to test drive a cayenne this winter?

    Yes, I am indeed testdriving a Cayenne Turbo this least I hope to get the chance around mid december.
    My daily driver is a Mercedes ML55 AMG and my weekly/monthly driver a 996 Turbo.
    I love high power SUVs because this is the only chance I get to enjoy excessive power but still be able to move my family around. For short distance vacations, there is nothing better than a SUV...lots of space for luggage and my wife/kid love the extra room. Even when I'm in the US for our long summer holiday, I still rent a SUV (usually a Lincoln Navigator). Nothing beats a SUV when it comes to comfort and luggage room. We just love it. The only thing I don't like about the Cayenne is it's design: it is way too conservative for me, almost boring.

    Re: Spider, you forgot the C4 coupe no sunroof, NT

    Hi Ron,

    I am not forgetting about the C4 now though as Hurrican Lili approaches the Texas-Louisana coastline. We are monitoring the track of the hurricane, trying to decide whether or not to get out of here.

    In the meantime, I am securing things in the house and garage.

    If it gets ugly we will take the Porsche and the Suburban and head west. Suburban is packed and ready to go.

    What are you doing in preparation? How about the other guys in Houston?

    Good luck to all... this one is a nasty looking storm.

    //// \\\\ spider


    I may test the VW Toureg when its available; I like its styling better, the interior is also reported to be nicer than the C. The additional power of the C isn't that important to me in that type of vehicle.

    Re: Spider, you forgot the C4 coupe no sunroof, NT

    It was as usual work and came back home. Thank God it didn't hit Houston.
    Are you going for Momentum 2003 presentation tomorrow Tueesday Oct. 08, 2002?



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