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    Pics of my Modena

    sorry for the bad quality, better ones will follow when I get it back.

    Having trouble posting the other pics,

    I'll try this evening.

    Nice, very nice

    Re: Pics of my Modena

    a Porsche is always a Porsche..and a Ferrari..... is always a Ferrari

    Beautiful Car LG!!!!!!!!!


    Very nice, Luigi!

    If you have problems posting your pics or if you don't have time to resize them, just send them over to my e-mail address and I'll do the job for you.

    Re: Very nice, Luigi!

    Thanks Christian, as usual I`m having problems with the pics... : :
    I`m in New york now, when I`ll get back in Milano next week I`ll try and send them to you.
    When I`ll be back the baby should be ready for me to take back home finally!
    Since they had to replace the front bumper, I told them to also install original air horns, and the front challenge grills.
    As you all can imagine, I can`t wait to drive it again!


    Send over as many you want, I post them all.
    I even add your copyright to them.

    Over the past few weeks, I drove my Turbo only twice for about one hour. I understand you very very well.

    I'm really curious to see more pictures of your Modena.
    Have a nice and safe stay in NY.

    Hi Luigi!

    How does your Modena compare to the GT2 (based on the first days of driving experience)?

    Re: Hi Luigi!

    Well, the Modena is surely more stylish than the GT2, right Luigi?

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Brief GT2 vs Modena comparison

    Still in NY, weather has been pityfull, today is the first sunny day!
    As of today I can only make a marginal assesment of the differences between the GT2 and Modena, because I,ve driven the Ferrari just for a couple of days (though I did 1500 kms in these 2 days ).
    I really love both Porsche and Ferrari, and I`ve previously owned a 993 C4S and a GT3, before the GT2, so I should be pretty unbiased in my assesments.
    Let me shock you right away: between the GT2 and Modena it is the Modena which feels more racebred!
    It is probably down to a mix of a more racy engine sound (even though my GT2 was quite different from others as William knows ), more sharp steering, and most of all a quickness of the front end to follow instructions and dive for the apex.
    The 360 feels more agile where the GT2 feels more grippy and planted, even though when the GT2 slides it does so with great controllability and composure for a rwd almost 500hp beast.

    On a straight line there is no contest, the GT2 is quicker by a substantial margin, more so when you have to pick up from a high gear above 100 mph.But the 360 is really quick also, and taking the engine to almost 9000 rpms makes up for some tenths it might loose in outright acceleration, and the surprise is that the engine is extremely flexible, nothing like the F355`s.
    As for extreme handling situations and a more comprehensive comparison, I will write a more thorough report when I`ve had some more hours behind the steering wheel of the Ferrari.

    Luigi -- I agree with your assessment 100%.

    While I've had limited GT2 driving time, there is no doubt that the 360 is a more "exhilarating" drive, even though the Turbo is much faster.

    BTW, you'll love the front challenge grills and air horn. These were early mods to my baby.

    Re: Luigi -- I agree with your assessment 100%.

    Jack, lovely car!
    I regained possession today of my beloved, and I have to say that the dealer has done a magnificent job, even the small scratches from the previous owner are gone and the car is really splendid.
    The front grills are a subtle but really nice modification, I am thinking of going with the rear challenge grill as well in a little while.
    Have you done any other enhancement to your car?

    Re: Luigi -- I agree with your assessment 100%.

    On a Modena I'd paint the rear diffusor, but your car is black, so you don't care

    I saw that on a red and a yellow car. I looks awesome!

    What is the rear difffusor and what does a

    air horn do or add to the car?

    Re: Nick

    The air horn is only produce for year 99 cars, and it give a high pitch sound when you are off the throttle.

    as for the rear diffusor, its the bottom part of the rear. A red 360 is black on the bottom.. That's rear diffusor

    Re: Nick

    The air horn is simply a replacement for the OEM horn, and it gives the horn the original and distinctive ferrari horn sound.(it doesn't change the sound of the car on or off throttle.)
    William is right for the diffusor though.

    Re: Nick

    oh... I always thought the 99 model of Modena is abit louder than the new one.. I thought the air horn have something to do with it, didn't know it was actually a horn replacement since I can't tell the difference between different horn

    Thanks for clearing it up..

    It's right,

    the 99 Modenas are a bit louder than the subsequent years' models, this is due to the addition of the pre-cats after the 99 models.
    William, I bet you would notice the difference between normal and Ferrari air horn...

    More pics

    And more


    Hey, Luigi...

    ... nice shirt.

    Just kidding: beautiful car, I really like black on the Modena.
    Congrats again and drive safely.

    Re: More...

    nice pictures! the 360 is really a feast for the eyes

    Re: More...

    One picture you forgot to post.

    Thanks Christian... :D

    Very nice!

    Makes me feel a little obsolete in my little 300hp Carrera, I gotta get a Turbo!

    Re: Very nice!

    Luigi - at last I finally get to see you and the car!!!!!!!

    Hi guys - I'm new to the board - My names Manu - it is I that is responsible for the selling the Tubis to Luigi and enhancing is life but ruining his bank balance!!!!

    Here's me checking out a 456GT (the second guy from the left in the light blue shirt) at a recent trip to test the Lamborghini Murciealgo.

    Welocme aboard Manu, you'll love this site (NT)

    I think Yellow is the best

    How did you like the Murcielago?

    I head only good things about the Lamborghini.



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