Hello. I've had my 2005 Boxster S with the CDR-24 Bose radio w/o PCM.
Since I day I purchased it use, it's said "Porsche" "Protect".

I've removed the fuse for the radio for a few minutes to even hours.
I've tried holding down "TP" for a few seconds. I can't get a prompt for a code because I believe I've read that there's no code for the CDR-24.

One day it randomly worked for about 20 seconds, then it went back into safe mode.

Then I brought it to my local Porsche dealer to have them activate my radio that is in "Protected" mode. After about an hour of waiting, the mechanic tells me that he's tried everything and the radio will not respond so I need a new radio unit.
I paid $75 in labor and I was at least hoping it'd work.

1. Should I just get the normal OEM replacement? I don't want to spend too much.

2. How much would it be to replace?

3. I have an aftermarket warranty and I hope the radio applies. If not, what's a better inexpensive option? Will a CDR-30 work for example?

4. How did it possibly not work?! Should I try another shop?
Thank you!