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    Foot rest in Aluminum only for LHD?

    Why this option is not for RHD cars?

    Maybe the foot rest is too small on RHD cars?

    Anyway, does it worth it?

    Re: Foot rest in Aluminum only for LHD?

    In RHD cars, the drivers footwell is narrower than in LHD cars. Not enough room for the XXZ option.

    Re: Foot rest in Aluminum only for LHD?

    I see, but how much narrower?

    Does the driving position still comfortable?

    That's mean no option for the foot rest?

    Do you have any close up pic of the foot rest?


    Re: Foot rest in Aluminum only for LHD?

    The fact is that when Porsche makes a RHD car, the dashboard is the other way round and obviously the pedals are in the right footwell instead of the left footwell. BUT, the transmission tunnel is in exactly the same place and doesn't move position at all.

    The room for a driver's feet in a RHD car is the same as the room for a front passenger's feet in a LHD car. The room for a driver's feet in a RHD car is not exactly the same as that in a LHD car.

    You DO get a standard 'rubber' footrest in a RHD car so there is enough room for that. However, you can't get the XXZ option in a RHD car.

    I don't know the exact measurements. Sorry!

    Yes, the driving position in a RHD car is still comfortable. Don't worry about that!

    One very small thing you may notice is that, when you drive a RHD Porsche, the steering is just slightly to the left of where it should be. It is not dead centre for the driver of a RHD car. When you hold the wheel, you may find yourself leaning your body just a tiny, tiny bit to the left of your seat. It's not a problem. Just something that happens automatically because of the very slightly incorrect position of the steering wheel. It can be very slightly tiring on long motorway journeys.

    I wonder whether other RHD car owners have noticed this. It's doesn't bother me though...

    Re: Foot rest in Aluminum only for LHD?

    Great info!

    What do you think about the rubber foot rest, good enough or need to upgrade?

    Re: Foot rest in Aluminum only for LHD?

    As for the footrest itself, whether you like the standard one or not is purely subjective. If you don't like it, you can always upgrade aftermarket. Your choice



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