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    2003 GT3

    Hi everybody, first of all I want to say that this is one of the best sportcars's forum on the web!
    I would like to introduce myself: my name is Max and I'm from Milano, Italy. I'm 24 y/o and I have an insane passion for every kind of sportcars!

    Now let me start with the first question... ;)

    Does anyone have any information about the upcoming 996 GT3 MY 2003?
    All that I know it's that It will probably have the 3.6 liter (and not 3.8...) flat six and around 390Hp! My dealer told me that it will be lighter than the old one (that's not a news..) and will be available Spring 2003 but nothing more!
    He have only 2 GT3 on order and 1 it's already sold...So I have a very short time to make a decision!!

    Please tell me something that I don't know yet...

    Thx a lot

    Re: 2003 GT3

    Hi Max

    I'm Dario,and i live near you Como...,I'm 28 y/o and i've a 996 Turbo

    For the GT3.... i don't know..maybe the German friends can help you


    Re: 2003 GT3

    Hi Max,
    I'm 25
    So you see, the board is full of babies
    Wait for Christian's answer, he'll help you out,

    Re: 2003 GT3

    Welcome aboard MAX. I'm ? (can't tell) . RC would be the guy that you seek your answers from.
    There are still no definit Apecs out yet but RC's information would be the closest to reality you'd get.

    As you said this is a great board and I've been enjoying it since its inception last year.

    Re: 2003 GT3

    God I feel like a pensioner or something compared to you 20 somethings... sheesh... I'm 43 and just enjoyed my first Porsche last year... Anyway, welcome to the board and I too, am impressed by this board.

    Re: 2003 GT3

    Hi Max,

    man I'm old!! 32!! But car (968 CS) and bike (RSV Mille - bella machina! ) are keeping me young...

    My information is:
    Price: ( Euro in Germany including tax): GT3 ~ 100.000,-- - 105.000,-- / GT3 Clubsport 110.000,-- 115.000,--
    Power: ~ 370 - 380 hp due to another motormanagement and exhaust
    Weight: definitely not (!) lighter than the "old" GT3
    Transmission: steelsynchronrings (surely wrong word ) - some of the "old" GT3 had problems while shifting fast, the steel-rings will help.

    My father owns the "old" gt3 and our dealer told him, that he should stick with his car, because the bew one will not be that much better - but expensive!!

    Why don't you buy a M3 CSL?

    Surely RC will have additional information.
    He's older - and wiser!


    Re: 2003 GT3

    RSV 1000, fantastic, now I understand your nickname
    You know what?
    Make sure we call you Ducati999 in a while,
    saw the test on TV yesterday, what a machine!!!
    BTW: I'm young but I am a lucky bastard

    Re: 2003 GT3

    Hi Francois,

    we are all lucky bastards, aren't we?

    You will never call me Duc999 - i'll order my RSV Mille R in january.
    I'm too tall (1,90m) for the 999.
    And on the other hand I like the design of the Mille R 2003 much more than that of the Duc 999.

    And a 998 SP is a little bit expensive for an old slow man like me!


    Re: 2003 GT3

    I don't think I know much more than your dealer.
    This is the latest I have on the GT3:
    380 HP, 3.6 l engine, slightly heavier than the old one, Clubsport version eventually with lightweight option, GT2 steel brake standard. Rumored price tag is 105000 EUR (incl. german tax) for the street version and 115000 EUR (incl. german tax) for the clubsport version. There is also a constant rumor that there will be a sequential shifting available (or a so called "double clutch" system) but there is no official confirmation for that.

    You should decide soon because the number of available cars could be pretty limited, especially at the beginning of the production cycle.

    Re: 2003 GT3

    RC - Do you think the Lightweight version will be for US market? I know the BMW CSL is not (since light bumpers, etc do not pass our crash tests )

    If not, do you think it will be very expensive to buy the OEM parts to convert to lightweight?

    Re: 2003 GT3

    Grant, the lightweight option is only a rumor. Personally, I don't think there will be such an option because of the US market and because of cost.
    Anyway, it shouldn't be a problem to convert a GT3 to lightweight because there are (and there will be) many parts available for the racing versions of the GT3.
    However don't expect these parts to be cheap stuff. When I look over here in Germany how much money you can put in a GT3 if you want to enhance it for the track, I get a serious headache.

    One thing I heard for sure and this should help you with your decision: Porsche learned from the complaints about the "old" GT3, especially regarding the power and brake system. The new GT3 should be a very nice track car and with some mods, it might be even a new track king.
    The only thing which still bothers me is the weight of the new GT3. I heard a lot of figures and the most credible one seems to indicate a 50 kg weight surplus compared to the "old" GT3. I hope this is not true but given the fact that the new GT3 will be available in the US too, this sounds pretty credible.
    This might be the reason why a lightweight option is in the word, especially for certain markets. But again...a rumor.

    Regarding the new BMW M3 CSL: I'm not sure this car is worth the money BMW is asking for. Even if the CSL is lighter than the "ordinary" M3, it still is a BMW Coupe modified to be "lightweight". Still should be at least 100 kg heavier than the new GT3.

    Re: 2003 GT3

    I would like to say tanks to everybody for all the answers that I get!

    Re: 2003 GT3

    That's cool man,
    That's what the board is for
    The info I get from this website is 10 times worth what I read from the mags, and I still buy them, I must be stupid

    Thanks, RC - I would love a factory Lightweight for the US

    It will be very disappointing if they are made for ROW but not US...

    Re: 2003 GT3

    Actually, guys I think you've all already met MaxT recently...

    He is the one that isn't able to hold himself tight enough in my Monza videos and therefore sticks his head out from the passenger area from time to time.



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