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    Re: 2012 Belgian F1 Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

    Guy's lets not exaggerate this issue. F1 is the pinnacle of racing and it's a dangerous sport. I remember just 5-10 years ago we had big crashes in every first corner... especially the big mass crash at Spa. To pick on Maldonado and Grosjean where in the past so many would have fallen in the same rookie draw. Yes Maldonado drives like a prick and Grosjean is flat out dangerous, it think this incident was just another rookie mistake of him. No need to think of how the change the sport forever now or anything, a one race ban will get the message across.

    Or what do we suggest? Where will it stop? Schumi had dangerous moves, this year Hamilton has been terribly sketchy and dangerous too... Nico also had some incidents. Soon we'll never have a complete 24 in the start grid because of bans for virtually any contact.. It is getting a little silly, these guys know racing is dangerous period. It's become super safe as of late so why over exaggerate this incident. Yellow cards and bans won't stop this, but F1 may then as well consider having two drives for each car and rotate like in a soccer team mail

    Re: 2012 Belgian F1 Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

    I think there is a difference when its a lead driver battling for the championship title taking a risk, failing and causing an accident, than a novice or back of the pack driver being too aggressive and risky and crashing out other drivers that are actually fighting for the tittle in the process. 


    Re: 2012 Belgian F1 Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps

     Half of the drivers on the F1 grid are not among the best drivers in the world. They are mostly mediocre drivers and are there to fill the numbers because they carry sponsorship, usually. Most of f the world's top drivers are not in F1, but in endurance championships, rallying, touring cars etc.

    Therefore, stupid accidents are to be expected, which can have serious consequences. Anyone who has chosen to follow a career in motorsport is presumed to be aware of such risks from a dangerous profession and to have accepted those risks. Motor racing has always been a blood sport and even nowadays it cannot become physically safe like a job in the bank, for example. 


    "Form follows function"



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