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    Battery Disconnect

    Dealer says no problem with disconnecting battery for 2 - 3 months, but will have to have the car 're-set' once battery is re-installled. Anyone done this? Cost? Risk involved? Thanks.

    Re: Battery Disconnect

    For me it was a smarter choice to buy the battery "trickle" charger. It plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and maintains the battery while it sits idle for weeks and months on end.

    Re: Battery Disconnect

    Gotta be clearer about the "reset" thing. When you remove battery for just a few minutes the PSM has to be reset and you can do it yourself by driving (I've done it). If it doesn't work *as described in manual* dealer is required. I would want to know what ELSE exactly needs to be reset, presumably by the dealer only?

    Make sure you follow instructions for long term storage, full gas tank, new oil; there're websites devoted to this subject of LT storage.

    I'd just slap on a battery maintainer and have someone check the battery's electrolyte level in a month. Also follow guidelines of LT storage for other aspects of the car.

    Re: Battery Disconnect

    just get the battery tender - its works great. i received mine right before xmas and works great...also to remember to top off the gas and fill up tires just a bit more than normal

    Re: Battery Disconnect

    also very happy with the p-car battery charger...i hadnt driven the car for a couple of weeks prior to hooking it up, it took a day or so to bring it to full charge...its also very sensitive to electricity use the door and the red light will come on briefly...a few bucks well spent

    Re: Battery Disconnect

    I just want to mention again, that charging (as opposed to just leaving the car parked) DOES cause electrolyte level to decrease.

    Not sure of the rate that this happens, but it happens. With a BMaintainer attached that the level will decrease steadily, however slightly. Check level to see how much... .

    Re: Battery Disconnect

    In fact the battery maintainer does not really charge the battery, it is just there to compensate the normal leaking current and some permanent powered devices like alarm or remote receiver (out after 7days). Once the 13,8 V is reached, the maintainer cuts off the power (led goes off), and there should be (quite) no current anaymore...until you open the door, because then the consumption will be higher than the maximum current (500MA) available.
    So imho no risk of loosing electrolyte with so low current charge.



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