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    One ill 997S

    Sadly my new baby was transported off to the car hospital on Sunday night.
    When I started her on Sunday she sounded it a bit ropey, but I put it down to being cold and it sounds (nicely) rough normally anyhow when cold.
    I used it throughout the day and noticed that at tickover the car was almost misfiring and literally rocking at standstill.
    I attended a party later in the afternoon with a few 996 owners, but none brave enough to stick their hands into the engine bay to seek out a loose lead.
    After a couple of glasses of chardonnay I took the car back home to bed and while reversing into my garage the check engine light came on.
    Not wanting to do any permanent damage I called the Porsche assistance team who to my astonishment were at my house within 30 minutes and loaded it onto a transporter.... without even scraping the spoiler.
    After a day's diagnosis it was identified as having a faulty camshaft sensor. Ironically my last estate car (a BMW 530iSport) had exactly the same problem last month.

    I hope to get he car back tomorrow and meantime have been loaned a Jaguar X type 2.5.... yawn!!!

    The only ongoing problem is that my OPC cannot programme the Homelink system to my Hormamm garage door opener. I had heard that UK cars do not necessarily come programmed to accept the UK bandwiths from UK garage door openers. Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow and we can return the Cat back to the hire company.

    OK, so that's the bad news and now for some good stuff.

    My last 911 was a 2003 996 TT Tiptronic, which was enhanced to the tune of 520bhp by a graet bunch of guys in England called DMS Automotive. Needless to say it was an amazing piece of kit and noticably faster than my previous 996 TT. Everytime I drove it I just laughed at the absolute performance. It just did not stop pulling and gave a similar adrenalin rush as my days on sports bikes.

    What's more it's sheer ability made you feel like an expert driver as it's chassis coupled with various driver aids just sorted everything for you.

    I sold the TT in April 2004 as I forecasted a significant drop in values and did not want to jump from a 520 bhp monster into the 997s for fear of disappointment. I think that this was a good call and I spent the summer driving my 530i and my wife's Z4 if I was a good boy and washed the dishes!

    Having had the luxury of previously owning Arctic, Polar and Cobalt colours I ordered the 997S in Basalt and patiently waited. As you do while waiting I scoured every possible mag for a 997s review and was really taken with how good the 997 looked in Guards Red. Since the yuppy days of the eightees and the migration of buyers to Silver, Guards Red may not be the natural choice, but my heart just over ruled my head and the colour was changed to GR with black sports seats.

    I was lucky enough to receive the first 997 from my OPC and this was shortly after viewing the two launch cars in Seal Grey and Arctic Silver. Well they were beautiful, particularly the Silver which really suits the 997. (For those who have had Silver Boxsters, 996 etc, don't write another Silver car off as it looks superb!
    Anyhow back to Guards Red... the car arrived at the beginning of November and is everthing I had hoped for. It just really stands out, literally in my opinion almost to Ferrari levels.

    So now to the car itself. Here's what I like... there is nothing and I mean nothing that I do not like.

    My favourite enhancements except the looks are:

    Lighter steering for town driving
    Softer suspension for everyday driving, yet sport settings when required.
    A great sounding exhaust.Much better than the 996TT.Would I spec a sports exhaust, probably not! I had it on the 996 Targa and by sure it sounded good. If I was ordering a manual then perhaps, but if in doubt leave it out, you will not be too disappointed and I reckon it will be a retrofit.
    The sports seats are brilliant, so much better than the 996 sports seats. For me the electric back rest adjustment is enough and unless you plan to track the car I would personally not spend the money on the adaptive seats. Here's a tip for you enthusiastic drivers which works well for me when pushing on a bit. Put your seat belt on and click in as normal. Recline the seat for maybe 5 seconds. With your right hand pull the top part of the belt upwards to tighten it against you then while keeping the tension make a quick forwards jerk which will lock the belt. Then use your left hand to hold the tensioned belt and for those with electric backrests tilt the backrest forward until you are pinned in the seat. It may take a few trials to get your optimum position, but you then have a free harness which will give you at least 80% of the benefits of a full harness without all the hassle! It works for me and hopefully you too. Please be sure that you are happy that the belt will perform normally if in the event of an accident!
    The tiptronic gearbox is much improved, I enjoy the fact that it will not change up gear when in manual regardless of the amount of revs, it just bounces off the rev limiter.
    The interior is beautifully laid out and is to me a really good makeover from the 996 and to 996 owners you will feel your purchase justified.
    I have almost done 1000 miles, to date I have not really pushed it in order to accurately contrast it to the 996TT. First opinions are that it feels slightly lighter at the front. It bobs around a bit, but maybe I just need to get used to it.
    In summary a great car, but a difficult choice for a prospective owner considering a used 996TT or 997S! I guess it would depend on how conscious you are about having the latest model. As long as the 996TT is bought at the right price it is a super all rounder, but equally I am not regretting my decision.
    Gosh I hope you have not fallen a sleep reading this, but I guess when you are passionate about something it is easy to tap the keys on the computer for a little while especially as my wife is fed up listening to Porsche talk.

    Kindest regards

    I attach a picture for your interest

    Re: One ill 997S

    Guards red..!!! SWEEEEET!

    hope you get it sorted, thats one beautiful colour

    Re: One ill 997S

    At first glance your wheels look gold-

    Re: One ill 997S

    Don't worry it's just the photo they are regular silver.

    Re: One ill 997S

    Red looks very special. I was viewing the usual silver demo at Hatfield PO dealer and just outside the showroom was a red car glowing in bright sunlight and it looked stunning. might have been yours? I almost ordered red because of that car but that's another story
    I hope your car gets sorted and congratulations with the car

    Re: One ill 997S

    TopherV said:
    At first glance your wheels look gold-

    It's November in England mate, they get like that!

    Re: One ill 997S

    Looks great Reidy, always had a soft spot for G/Red. I get mine next Friday (Arctic) from West London, can't wait, it's been toooo long!

    PS Whats the surface on your garage floor? Looks a lot tougher than mine.

    Re: One ill 997S

    My floor is a nightmare. It is grey floor paint and keeps coming up. I have sealed the floor and repainted it, but still no luck.
    I am currently talking to Tactiles re tiled flooring.
    Enjoy your car

    Re: One ill 997S

    Who's the chick on the photo sitting on the guy's lap next to what looks like a red ferrari Am I the only one who noticed the nice legs Or are we all just focused on the guards red porsche..

    Hope you get it resolved soon bud and you get you baby riding back again.

    Re: One ill 997S

    Interesting note on the tiptronic - I would like it as in town as daily driver it is easier, but had doubts about it changing up ( when not wanted ) or not changing down ( when wanted ) on max revs - thanks for the note

    Re: One ill 997S

    stone said:
    Interesting note on the tiptronic - I would like it as in town as daily driver it is easier, but had doubts about it changing up ( when not wanted ) or not changing down ( when wanted ) on max revs - thanks for the note

    I'm not sure but I think this only happens when chrono sport is active. It also change the shifting behaviour, shifting speed and throttle reaction time, etc. Great thing to have, especially on a Tiptronic equipped car.

    Re: One ill 997S

    VERY cool garage! I hope your 997 is ok!

    Re: One ill 997S

    Reidy said:
    My floor is a nightmare. It is grey floor paint and keeps coming up. I have sealed the floor and repainted it, but still no luck.
    I am currently talking to Tactiles re tiled flooring.
    Enjoy your car

    Mmmm, same as mine then. Grey paint that won't stay down and is coming up more now, if I put one of my bikes away with damp tyres then it pulls up more paint when I next move it! I like the look of some of those rubberised tiles, keep us posted!

    Developments on the 997 are great, got a call today from P West London; your car will be ready tomorrow, one week early!!! Cool.



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