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    I guess I'm a ricer too...


    Just thought I would share some of the latest modifications I have made to my car. One of the few weaknesses of the E39 M5 is the way it pushes through corners. Because of this, creating neutral handling is my top priority. Shortly after it was purchased I installed a Dinan rear sway bar which was a significant improvement to the car’s balance. Not satisfied, I employed a trick popular with E39 owners which is to buy another set of rear wheels to install up front. Running a “square” setup as it is known is probably the single most important upgrade for reducing understeer.
    My latest mod has transformed the car once again. I have been keeping an eye out for a good deal on Dinan Stage 3 suspension for several months now. Stage 3 is comprised of shocks, lower/stiffer springs, and fixed camber plates to improve the contact patch of the front tires during hard cornering. I finally found a slightly used set about 2 weeks ago and pulled the trigger. I had never installed a suspension system before and did not want to fork over the $1k+ to have it done by Dinan, so I was fortunate that the seller offered to help me install the kit. Last Monday I arrived at the seller’s house around 8:00 am and we got to work. The front is fairly easy, unbolt the shock from the perch and from the hub and carefully remove. Assemble the new shock, spring, camber plate, and reinstall. The rear suspension is much more difficult. Remove the rear seats, rear shelf, rear speakers, rear sway bar, unbolt from perch and hub, remove, assemble the new and install. The whole process took roughly 10 hours but was an enjoyable learning experience and well worth the time and money.
     The car sits about ¾ inch lower in front, maybe a ½ inch in back. The stance is much more aggressive and the ugly wheel gap in the front has been eliminated. The ride is stiffer with no degradation in comfort. I actually prefer the way it takes bumps now as it feels more controlled. Handling has been significantly improved, the car turns in exceptionally well for a 2 ton sedan and stays flat and composed through tight or sweeping bends. Steering feel is good (obviously will never be a GT3), I also have Dinan mono-ball thrust arm bushings installed which provide great feedback as to what the front tires are doing. I am extremely pleased with this upgrade and can’t wait to take it back to the track and give it a proper test. If you notice from the pictures, I have crap discount tires on the front wheels which, while adequate for the street, generate almost no grip in track situations. The next upgrade may be the most important; I will be buying a set of super-sticky Dunlop Direzza Star Spec. tires in the near future. Other modifications to the car include muffler delete (surprisingly perfect amount of sound, not too loud when cruising, beastly when WOT) and a short shift kit which really tightens up the sloppy stock shifter. I hope you guys enjoy the write up and pictures, sorry for the iphone quality. Smiley





    Re: I guess I'm a ricer too...










    Re: I guess I'm a ricer too...

    Great write up and beautiful mod you did. Definitely worth every penny. Also love the fact that you took this swap on yourself, it is not only a great learning experience, but will bring you even closer to the car, if not you already loved it haha.

    You're building a perfect e39 M5, keep up the good work


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: I guess I'm a ricer too...

    Thanks Aaron, working on this car has been incredibly rewarding for me. The best part about the mods is feeling the way they improve some aspect of the driving experience. I cannot help but smile every time I drive it. Next step is equal length headers, ecu flash, and intake. Will be a while before I can afford all of that but the car should put out 450+ hp when I'm done.

    Other good news you might be interested in, I found a sponsor for the 951 and I will be keeping the car Smiley. She will be receiving a new paint job (most likely meteor grey), refurbished/rebuilt engine, suspension mods, racing seats, etc. Will be looking to keep it street legal and reliable with a track/autox bias. Cannot wait!!! Of course I will post a full write up and pictures before and after.

    Re: I guess I'm a ricer too...

    Oh im happy to hear you have decided to keep her!! I'm still sad i sold my 944S way back (it was my first car). Wonderful news, looking forward to your progress on that one as well.


    indeed shifting is ancient technology - so is a fuel burning engine..  I happen to like both :) 

    Re: I guess I'm a ricer too...

    Very nice addition! Can't wait to see the other stuff go on the car!



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