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    The Turbo Dilema!!!

    The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Ok, so I just talked to my dealer about the Turbo PK. He is recommending that I TRADE in my current 9 month old Turbo for the TT S. He says there wont be that much difference in price than a retrofitted PK !!

    I asked him when the delivery would be, he said around Febuary - however the problem is that the facelift (from what I have heard on here) is due out for MY07. He tells me it's not due out until MY08!!....

    What should I do now!!? RC - what do your sources say about the Facelift? It would be silly to buy a new TTS only for the facelift to kick in a few months later!

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    To be honest: I don't know what to tell you. However: it is possible that the facelifted Turbo won't have a powerkit option at the beginning.
    The Turbo S may be a good "compromise" but like I said: the decision is yours.
    I saw the front of the facelifted Cayenne and it looks nice, slightly like the Audi Q7 front. From a technical point of view, there may be some minor changes in weight (lower) and some brake/suspension improvements, I don't expect 550 HP on the Cayenne Turbo base model. But I'm afraid the facelifted Cayenne Turbo is rumored to get somewhere between 490 and 520 HP, so maybe, maybe, it would be wise to wait. The next powerkit is rumored to hit 550...if fuel prices don't go up rocket high.

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Thanks RC...Top info as usual...

    Now how the heck have you seen the new facelifted Cayenne? We are all feeding on those spy cam pics!!

    I don't suppose you have a date of production do you? Is my guy way off with his MY'08 date?

    That's what drives me mad about this whole thing - why are Porsche giving the Cayenne a facelift after only 2 years? It's completely ludicrous!

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    So, what will be the most powerful Cayenne available? Facelifted Cayenne Turbo S with Powerkit at 550hp?

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Danny, if the S kicks in with 520-550 Hp - then expect the Pk'ed S to push close to 600+ !!....

    That's before the Facelift. Let's assume the Facelifted Turbo has 500. The Pk'ed should be 550, the S 600 and the Pk'ed S = 600 + !!!

    Or am I nuts

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    You must be nuts Pk'ed S with 650 hp? That thing better come with a controlling share in ExxonMobil.

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Danny, have you never met the Gemballa 750?

    Yup...the 750 stands for HP....

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Danny G said:
    So, what will be the most powerful Cayenne available? Facelifted Cayenne Turbo S with Powerkit at 550hp?

    In two to three years from now on...I'd say yes.
    Depending on the evolution of the fuel prices too of course.

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Is it known how the CURRENT PK CTT compares power-wise vs the presumably soon to released Turbo S? That's the choice if you dont want to wait 1.5 years till standard facelift CTT is delivered

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    RC,but when you think the facelift will arrive??

    Most of dealers tell year 2007 as MY2008,but if i remember well your source said year 2006 as MY2007.

    For me is strange that they bring out the Cay Turbo S in Genuary 2006 and then they make a facelift in June 2006..

    -They sell the Turbo S for only six months?impossible..

    -They sell the restyled Cayenne(V6,S and Turbo) and the Turbo S only with the "old" look??..mmhh..sound strange..

    For me the resyling is delayed to June 07..but dealers in Italy said that people just search the NEW Cayenne,and the sales drop.. ,and wait again an year and half with no NEW Cay is not easy..

    But maybe i go wrong..

    What do you think?

    ps.Another pics of the restyling Cayenne again camouflaged

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    ahi ahi ahi Dario, dura scelta tra GT3 e C Turbo

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Dario, I really don't know what to tell you.
    The facelift is still rumored for MY 2007, meaning summer 2006. The Cayenne Turbo S is rumored for march/spring 2006 but without facelift. Maybe Porsche just wants to boost Cayenne sales a little bit until the new facelifted version arrives, honestly: I don't know.

    Everything is possible with Porsche, they delayed the already developped 986 Boxster S for one year because "regular" Boxster sales were very satisfying. So yes, the facelift could be delayed by a year but again, I don't have any information on that.

    With the new Mercedes M-class (very hot, especially the AMG version) and the new Audi Q7, the Cayenne could be in serious trouble. It is also no secret that Volkswagen offers now the 450 W12 version of the Touareg on a regular basis, this is no "special order" model anymore. So I think that the air for the Cayenne gets "thinner" out there and when the new BMW X5 arrives, the Cayenne will have serious trouble, especially in Germany. BMW is rumored to offer the most powerful Diesel engine on a SUV with the new X5, this could really have a heavy impact on Cayenne sales. Imagine a 400 HP Diesel engine in a X5 at "only" 2.2 ton weight.

    I'll have more information about the Cayenne facelift by the end of this year or latest early 2006. I'm afraid you just have to be a little bit patient, at least we were right here on that the facelift wasn't scheduled for MY 2006 (this summer) like several car magazines reported. Some people didn't wait, listened to us and are happy owners now.

    BTW: I heard a "shocking" rumor of a high performance AMG version of the ML 63 AMG with more than 600 HP at almost the same weight. Since the ML 63 AMG already outruns the Cayenne Turbo Powerkit on the straight line (0-125 mph in 17 seconds compared to the 19.6 seconds of the Cayenne Turbo Powerkit), the performance version should hit E55 AMG performance grounds, even outrunning the 997 CS on the straight line. Incredible.

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Thanks RC...

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    news from 10 minutes ago..

    the restyling seems confirmed in June 2006(As MY2007)

    RC as ever is right!

    Re: The Turbo Dilema!!!

    Nooooooo!!!!!Dario, il CAYENNE????????



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