Is it true that the Tiptronic version of the 997 Turbo accelerates faster than the manual version from 0-100, 0-160 and 0-200 kph (62 mph, 100 mph and 125 mph)?
Yes, this is absolutely true. Due to the new VTG charger and improved networked black box technology, not to mention some direct mechanical and electronics improvements on the Tiptronic gearbox itself, the Tiptronic version of the 997 Turbo is 0.2 seconds faster from 0-100 kph, 0.6 seconds faster from 0-160 kph and 0.6 seconds faster from 0-200 kph compared to the manual version.

How fast is the 997 Turbo?
Factory claims (Tiptronic version in brackets): 3.9 sec (3.7) from 0-100 kph, 8.4 sec (7.8) from 0-160 kph and 12.8 sec (12.2) from 0-200 kph. Top speed is 310 kph (194 mph) on both, manual and Tiptronic.

Is it true that with Tiptronic, everybody, even a beginner or somebody not used to sportscars, could achieve a 3.7 sec 0-100 kph (62 mph) acceleration time from standstill?
Yes, this is absolutely true. You just need to fully press the throttle and you hit 100 kph (62 mph) in 3.7 seconds each time you try. And this actually makes the 997 Turbo a "dangerous" car in the hands of the wrong person. Do yourself a favor and try to use your brain first, throttle foot second, especially if you're new to the Porsche 911 Turbo world. Because as easy as the 911 Turbo may feel to drive, it can be suddenly turn into a beast without further warning.

Is it true that the new 997 Turbo is lighter than the previous Turbo generation?
Yes, this is true. But not by much.

Is it true that the 997 Turbo PCCB brake system has larger front discs compared to the PCCB brake system for the previous Turbo generation and for the 997 Carrera models?
Yes, this is true. 380 mm sized front discs (previous Turbo generation had 350 mm discs, current 997 Carrera PCCB discs have 350 mm diameter too). Rear discs are 350 mm in size.

Is it true that the 997 Turbo uses a newer generation of PCCB system
Yes, this is true. The 997 Turbo uses the latest generation of the PCCB system.

Is it true that the 997 Turbo has a slightly lower fuel consumption than the previous Turbo generation, despite the 60 HP higher engine power output?
Yes, this is true.

Is it true that the new 997 Turbo has an electronically controlled AWD system, not the same mechanical system used on the previous Turbo generation or on the current 997 Carrera generation?
Yes, this is true. The new 997 Turbo uses a very advanced electronically (map-) controlled multi-disc clutch, including PTM (Porsche Traction Management).

What is the so called "Overboost function" of the new 997 Turbo?
The new overboost function, available only with the optional Sport Chrono Turbo package, provides up to 10% more torque for a maximum time frame of 10 seconds. The maximum torque raises from 620 Nm (1950 rpm to 5000 rpm) to 680 Nm (2100 rpm to 4000 rpm). Power output improves too almost proportionally in the same rev range, unfortunately Porsche doesn't mention this anywhere in the documentation. The maximum power figure of 480 HP at 6000 rpm stays the same however.

Is the "Overboost function" available for all 997 Turbo?
Yes, the "Overboost function" is available for all 997 Turbo, no matter if they have manual transmission or Tiptronic. But it is not a standard option, it comes only with the optional Sport Chrono Turbo package.

What is optional the Sport Chrono Turbo package?
Basically said: it makes the 997 Turbo driving experience much more intensive, more enjoyable and the best part is: you can always shut it off by simply pressing a button.
When switched to "Sport" mode, the Sport Chrono package switches to a more sporty setup of the PSM, PTM, PASM, engine software, etc., making it possible for an experienced driver to enjoy driving the 997 Turbo at the limit without experiencing some limitations of the safety features incorporated into the 997 Turbo basic design. The stop watch on the dash comes with Sport Chrono too but it is only a minor and the least important "visible" part of the Sport Chrono package. Some people like the stop watch, some not. But no matter how you like it, the Sport Chrono package is not about this stop watch but about a more complex and highly interesting adaptation of the car's basic electronic systems to provide the driver with a more direct and involving driving experience. Caution: Sport Chrono "Sport" mode is not for beginners since driving safety features like PSM, ABS may react with delay.
But...a simple button turns it off.

When is the 997 Turbo going to be available at local Porsche dealers?
June 24th 2006 in select European and ROW countries.
July 2006 in the USA and maybe Canada.
If you didn't "pre-order" a car, your chances are not good to be able to get one immediately after the launch in summer.

Is it possible to get a 997 Turbo immediately after the launch this summer?
It depends if you pre-ordered a car or not. And it varies from country to country. Expect high demand and very low availability in the first months of production. We actually expect a very limited availability during the first model year (all 997 Turbo are already MY 2007 cars).

There have been rumors of a sportier and more powerful 997 Turbo S
A Turbo S will be available sooner or later. We don't expect to see a Turbo S in the first and second model year of 997 Turbo production.

A powerkit with 30 HP more horses was available for the previous Turbo generation, can we expect such a powerkit for the new 997 Turbo too?
Yes, a powerkit seems to be planned. Rumored introduction around early 2007, maybe later. Power is rumored to be in the 510 HP range. A retrofit may not be possible.

What about a Turbo sport exhaust system? I want more and a better sound.
A sport exhaust seems to be in the development pipeline but we don't expect to see it before 2007. Due to the VTG technology, aftermarket exhaust systems may pose a problem.

What options are standard for the 997 Turbo compared to the 997 Carrera?
Metallic Paint (special colours at extra cost)
Bi-Xenon frontlights
Autom. dimming interior and ext. mirrors with rain sensor PASM
19'' Turbo wheels
Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
Electrically adjustable seats
Roofliner Alcantara
Instrument dials in Aluminium
Leather interior in standard colour
Three-spoke steering wheel in smooth leather (cost free optional)
BOSE surround system
PCM with Navigation Module
Sport seats (optional cost-free)

Is it true that the PCCB option costs more than on the 997 Carrera models?
Yes, it is true. Due to the larger front discs, the PCCB option for the 997 Turbo costs almost 10% more.

Is it true that although the 997 Turbo looks wider in the rear, it actually has the same width as the 997 Carrera 4/4S models?
Yes, this is true. The rear width is the same for both, the 997 Turbo and the 997 Carrera 4/4S models.

Is it true that almost 20% of the new 997 Turbo is made of alloy?
Yes, this is absolutely true.

Is it true that the 997 Turbo Tiptronic S offers a downshift feature called "Fast-Back" which downshifts immediately into the next lower gear when it detects sporty braking maneuvers like the driver changing his foot from throttle pedal to brake pedal within 1.5 seconds, including further downshifts depending on the length of the braking period and the applied braking force?
Yes, this is true. This improves the performance of the Tiptronic especially on the track where drivers brake instantly shortly before a curve, offering an outstanding dynamic driving experience which is very close to manual shifting.

Is it true that the Tiptronic S shifts are as fast as manual shifting done by a professional?
Yes, the 997 Turbo Tiptronic S shifts, speedwise, very similar to a manual gearbox.

Is it true that the new electronically controlled AWD system, in combination with the PTM, provides an incredible traction performance, especially on rainy and snowy streets?
Yes. this is true. The acceleration on wet or snowy pavement has never been that breathtaking sensational.

What kind of winter wheels are available for the 997 Turbo?
There will be 18'' and 19'' wheels available for the 997 Turbo. Cars equipped with PCCB brake need the 19'' winter wheels. Size for the 19'' wheels is 235/35 R19V (8,5 J x 19 ET 56) front and 295/30 R19V (11 J x 19 ET 51) rear. Unfortunately these 19'' wheels will be around 5500-5800 Euro (incl. 16% VAT) in Germany, pretty expensive.

Are child seats available for the 997 Turbo?
Yes, there are three different seats available, incl. an optional ISOFIX/airbag deactivation kit for the front seat.

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