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    New GT3 - Limited Production run ??

    Some months ago when Porsche announced plans to build a further run of the 996 GT3, it appeared that this was to be a limited production run - a figure of somewhere between 40 and 80 RHD cars only for the UK was quoted.

    I now see press comment stating that the GT3 may not be a limited production run and Porsche may actually build more dependent upon demand.

    Does anyone know the true story here - is this to be a limited production or not?? Appreciate any input...

    Re: New GT3 - Limited Production run ??

    Don't know the answer, but I believe we're getting 40 - 50 RHD cars here in South Africa (which sucks as my current GT3 will lose value, I'm sure). And considering that the USA is getting the GT3, I suspect the factory is planning to make a lot more than the 1460 or so of the previous GT3.

    But the GT3 has a limited market. Lots of folks who buy them will sell them within weeks or months. It happened with the last GT3 (and the GT2) - it's a difficult car to live with if you're not a true enthusiast. So Porsche must be careful not to make too many of them as slightly used ones will be up for sale almost from the start.

    Is the GT2 limited or can you still order them?

    - WG

    Re: New GT3 - Limited Production run ??

    Gt2 is NOT a limited production.
    You can order one today if you want

    Re: New GT3 - Limited Production run ??

    Just a question:

    You wrote that you have got a gt3 (360 hp). Is that right? And on your thumbnail there is one in white. Is it yours?

    Re: New GT3 - Limited Production run ??

    Yes I have a 2000 GT3. But my thumbnail is of my previous Carrera-4 (also a 2000).

    Here's a webpage with both:
    C4 & GT3

    And here is a story I wrote about an awesome cross-country drive I recently did in the GT3. Read it if you want - it describes how much fun the GT3 can be:
    GT3 Story


    Is that your GT2 in the thumbnail?

    Re: New GT3 - Limited Production run ??

    Nice cars. They are the ultimate

    Stability and handeling "C4" & Performance and handeling "GT3". Good combo.

    Fantastic article!

    Your article about your drive over Christmas is amazing.
    You belong to the true passionnate Porsche people, definitly, not many people would take a GT3 for such a long trip, good for you!
    Do you still have the C4?
    Are you going to get the new GT3?
    When you say you had to scrap off the bugs from the front bumper, that's fine, I do it too, but how do you do with the bugs on the radiators?
    Anyway, great drive, it's people like you that help Porsche staying a legendary sports car maker,
    Keep it up

    Re: Fantastic article!

    I'm pleased you liked the story. I really am passionate about the GT3. I don't own the C4 anymore - I had it when I was living in California (until Oct 2002). The truth is I never found the C4 to be very exciting. An excellent car yes, and plenty fun to drive, but more a GT than a true sports car.

    I am currently living in South Africa and I have the GT3 which is indeed a true sports car and really exciting. And the trip to Plettenberg Bay was exactly as I described in my story - the GT3 is simply fantastic.

    Haven't decided yet if I want to spend the cash for the new GT3. I figure mine still has 2 great years left.

    I cleaned the bugs from the radiators with a strong jet of water from a garden hose. It worked pretty well.

    What year is your SL 500? I was wondering if you're planning to upgrade to the new SL55 which I have heard is the greatest driver's MBZ ever made (except that it's automatic only )


    Re: Fantastic article!

    The SL is a 2002 model, and let me tell you, the SL500 and SL55 are NOT driver's cars. I've driven both.
    They're great cruisers, the SL55 is hardly different than the 500, it's the same car with much more power.
    But the involvement is not great, especially if you compare it to a GT3

    Re: New GT3 - Limited Production run ??

    As far as I heard, the new GT3 will be not a limited production car. However it cannot be excluded that certain world markets get a limited number of cars only.



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