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    Look what I saw today.

    I was walking in Manhattan today, when I came across a Gallardo!!! It turns out that this is car was a prototype, and was being dropped off in Manhattan for a press photo shoot. The car looks unbelievable in person. Pictures DO NOT do it justice. Even though the car looks awesome in pictures, it is merely jaw-droppingly stunning in person.

    -Ben FR

    Re: Look what I saw today.

    Great pictures, thanks a lot. Very nice indeed.
    The Gallardo looks great.

    Forgot to add...

    ...this is the real thing, no prototype (no matter what somebody may have told you).

    BTW: I'm afraid these nice pictures will disappear after a while if the link isn't valid anymore.
    We can put the pictures on the server and add your copyright to them. Just in case... Just tell me what you think.

    Re: Forgot to add...

    Sure, I'll email them to you, what's your address?

    Re: Forgot to add...

    RC, about the prototype status, note that the cover over the engine is glass, whereas the production model merely has vents and is metal.

    -Ben FR

    Re: Forgot to add...

    RC, about the prototype status, note that the cover over the engine is glass, whereas the production model merely has vents and is metal.

    -Ben FR

    Ben, my guess is that they did the engine cover in glass (or transparent plastic) to make it possible to take pictures of the engine. And as there is no Gallardo customer car on the street yet, we never know what surprise we get from Lamborghini. A transparent engine compartment would be nice.

    My eMail address is . If you want me to put a copyright notice on the images, please tell me what you want to have (name, initials, etc.). Thanks again for the nice pictures, they're great. This might be my next sportscar.

    Wow, Wow, Wow!!!....

    I'm speachless. Beautiful pixs thanks Ben


    the color totally look blend in with the taxi.

    never drive a yellow car in ny

    Re: Look what I saw today.

    Beautiful! Is there a motorized spoiler on the rear deck? Looks like there is a piece that could possibly move up and down like the spoiler on the 996T.

    I also never noticed the 360-esque window on the engine bay, very nice!

    Re: Forgot to add...

    The engine glass cover is an option, and an expensive one too. One the cars presented at Geneva had it too.
    If you go to the germany Lambo website, you can DL a copy of the Option list and you'll see that engine glass cover is one of them, so YES; THIS is the real thing and it is Stunning!!!
    Thank you Ben,
    PS: The link:



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