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    Audio Upgrade

    I'm getting a 987 on April 7th which was someone elses cancelled order and therefore doesnt have my desired Bose sound package.

    Can anyone recommend an upgrade in terms of speakers and amps to the car as the Bose wont be retrofittable I've been told (small compromise for getting a car early with a little discount thrown in)!!

    I've been to a company already that suggested Focal speakers - three seperate one - a bass, mid and treble to be mounted with an amp in the front luggage compartment and keeping the CDR-24 unit.

    Also I have an i-pod I use the Denison ice-link with to my mini but would this be able to be fitted to the porsche? I heard that there is a MOST Bus technology one on the way in March.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Got about Pounds1000 to spend max

    Re: Audio Upgrade

    If you can, I would get the BOSE sub for the shelf between the seats (if that still exists on the 987?),....and for speakers and stereo etc, I'd get some Blaupunkt, unless you have to keep the standard stereo so it fits with the display etc.
    But why not try different dealers, this board or Ebay to see if you can find someone who wants to sell their BOSE?
    Unless they rebuilt everything on the 987 compared to the 986, I bet some 986 owner would like to sell his/her BOSE.
    Just a thought

    Re: Audio Upgrade

    How come you can't change the spec???? You have ages to go yet...if the dealer says you can't...he's lying!!

    Re: Audio Upgrade

    I think the car is already in the UK as it was ready for 1st of March but due to the financial year I work with I cant purchase it until early April - I picked up someone elses car when they backed out hence the lack of a waiting time.

    The 987 stereo is very different I've been told. It's the CDR-24 and it used MOST Bus technology which means it's all optical cables hence the inability to install a 986 Bose unit. I heard today that Dennon will do an optical i-pod ice-link soon which may connect to the Porsche.

    It's a shame as it's the one thing i would have picked for sure but the dealer gave me a great price for my Mini Cooper S. If I waited until later on in the year then I would have got a few grand less for the Mini making it significantly more expensive to buy the car.

    I've been told that I may be able to install a further amp and some high end speakers so that may be an option, just didnt know what others may have done.

    I wonder if the stereo is the same on the 997??



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