Hi all,

I just drove through town and right in front of me there were two brand-new Aston Martin DB9!
Both had british number plates, no disguise at all, just the badges and the small body-coloured panels in the middle of the rear lights were missing.

One car was plain white, one dark petrol green metallic.

This car is absolutely beautiful on the street! It looks terrific even in white (always a sign for a good design if a car looks fine in white...), low, muscular, powerful but very subtle, discreet, restrained, simply pure understatement.
Engine sound was a low grumble, but we weren't driving above 60 km/h.
One thing I noticed were terribly squealing brakes (special race brake pads?).
Let's hope, that Ford will act more skilful with Aston Martin than they did with Jaguar.