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    Voltage Stablizer

    Does anyone know how it fuction? I heard it can improve fuel injection, more torque and better response. I guess it is related to stablizing the voltage, but not real understand how it works.

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    never heard of it. what car is it for.

    got a link?

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    The link is in Chinese. It is connect to the car battery. As I know it is just a few capacitors and provide a stable current to all the electrical parts of the car. Lot of Hi-Fi also use this to improve the quality. But I just don't understand how it improve torque and response. However, I am trying this thing on my Gallardo and found one thing obvious which is the rev drop much slower than before.

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    Chris Lo said:
    The link is in Chinese.

    good thing im chinese then link me!

    what it probably does is allow the car to run more electrical things like stereos,etc without experiencing power LOSS, i doubt it has any benifits.

    personally, i wouldnt put anything chinese in my $160k++ car., electrical problems are a NIGHTMARE

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    Actually, it's Japanese stuff. If it is China made, I don't think I wil try it on my car.

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    One thing that large filter capacitors do for a Hi-Fi component is to remove the fluctuating voltage of the 110 v A/C supply. The power supply is also stepping down the 110 v to something like 10 v usually, and the transformer that does that can only supply so much current before it overheats, so the capacitors are like a buffer that can supply the short peaks of current demanded by the audio circuitry.

    The automobile situation seems completely different to me. There's no stepdown transformer to limit the available current supply. The battery can readily supply all current needs with a steady 12 volts. I do see where it may create some problems. Introducing capacitance into a circuit not designed for it could have unintended consequences. I agree with your initial impression, the claimed benefits seem unreasonable.

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    GM Austin, Thanks so much for the explaination.
    I think I will remove that from the car battery ASAP.

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    like i said, i think its to prevent the LOSS of power if one is running an unholy amount of eletronic gizmos in the car

    i dont see any reason why electricity would increase a cars power.

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    Moogle said:
    i dont see any reason why electricity would increase a cars power.

    Maybe it makes it into a hybrid??

    Re: Voltage Stablizer

    Voltage stabilizer stores an amount of current like a small battery, only it can disscarge instantly to reduce voltage drops. A large capacitor of some sort.
    I personly think that a good designed electrical system accounts for real world conditions were voltage ripple is present. In other words the ECU will have some sort of voltage stabilizing circuit onboard.
    On a Gallardo it may even reduce the efficency of existing elctrical system as it was not designet to have it as a part of the system.
    On a cheap ECU running car this gizmo may work, as the electrical system is designed with economy and endurance in mind.
    On a Porsche or a Lambo ( now days anyway:) ) economy was not present at the designer table....



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