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    Won't Restart?!?!?

    Hey gang,

    I have a dead battery -- i didn't start the car for 3 weeks so i think it is completely drained. I had porsche usa give me a jump and then i drove it for 30 minutes, but when i parked it in the garage and turned off the ignition it wouldn't restart.

    Any suggestions? Should i buy a charge-o-mat and see if it recharges the battery? Bummed in NJ!

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    Only if there was sufficient charge to rescue it. By the sounds of things, its given up the ghost so you'd be better off sourcing a replacement.



    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    need to replace~

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    Sounds like a new battery is necesssary. When starter batteries (as opposed to deep cycle RV or boat batteries) fully discharge they're damaged.

    You can try a 10 amp charger to really get things "boiling" inside the battery. The .5 amp battery maintainer probably won;t do anything to rectify the problem. The "big" 10 amp unit may get rid of a short that might be the result of full discharge but maybe not.

    If you can resusitate it, you'll have an aged battery which you'll have to be careful with.

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    I believe the battery for your 997 is covered under warranty, which is also why, when you shop for it, you will not find any replacements listed in the parts catalogs of the local AutoZone, NTW etc.
    There are limitations to the battery warranty which is where I discovered that Porsche expects certain minimum mileage per year - 5K I believe in order to maintain the battery (i.e. they do not replace batteries for cars that sit for long periods).

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    They replaced my battery because my PCM was defective and killed it.

    MY take is they must find a fault that caused battery to discharge. leaving lights on or key in ignition doesn't count.

    BTW, the Porsche battery isn't that expensive. I'd just buy one from dealer and never leave keys in ignition or leave car sitting for more than a week. Replacement batteries aren't as "pretty" as the original.

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?


    My dealer gave me a battery maintainer after purchasing my car. He said he just gives them away with new purchases because he's tired of having people come in complaining of dead batteries. You should look into it after replacing your battery.

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    Thanks everyone. I will put in a new battery tomorrow. The battery will cost approx $250 for parts and labor and the charge-o-mat about $150 -- a bit heafty for leaving the car sitting for 3 weeks.

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    I agree with everyone here. I like the dealer that gives out free charge-o-mat II. That is a nice touch for Canadian dealers - you guys need it. So do I in Boston, but, oh well. I had to buy mine. Cheers.

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    You dont need the charg-o-mat. You could use any decent brand charger/maintainer. Most are way cheaper than the one sold by P (they dont make theirs anyway...just put the P name on it and charge you more)

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    sharmat said:
    You dont need the charg-o-mat. You could use any decent brand charger/maintainer. Most are way cheaper than the one sold by P (they dont make theirs anyway...just put the P name on it and charge you more)

    I disagree 1000%. This is not door knobs on a barn we're talking about.

    The car is verrrry expensive to repair and the ELECTRONICS are pervasive and complex.

    Buying the Porsche-approved unit would be the wise thing to do.

    A generic POS made in China might, might, fry sensitive electronics.

    I feel much better knowing at least one knowlegdeable Porsche engineer reviewed the design and oversaw the mfgr of the Porche unit.

    The only "bargains" I would seek to acquire for my car would be things like floor matts and air for the tires.

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    I agree, I got my Black & Decker maintainer for around $18.00 at Walmart. Works like a charm.

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    Maybe I'm rolling the dice but I've use the Battery Tender for years on Harleys, P-cars, a 350Z, a C-6 and assorted trucks and SUV's not a problem yet.

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    I didn't see where you said how old the original battery was? Probably covered by warranty and I think the cause of the problem should be found. Sometimes I travel a lot and if my car is not going to be used for a week or more, I put the Porsche sold charger on. Also, I think I saw in the manual that the car will go into a sleep if all locked up for a period of time--to "save" the battery. FWIW, my Land Rover dealer told me not to leave my keys in the Rover(as I used to) when in the garage. He said this would keep the electronics, computer, whatever, always "on".

    Re: Won't Restart?!?!?

    jhbrennan said:
    Maybe I'm rolling the dice but I've use the Battery Tender for years on Harleys, P-cars, a 350Z, a C-6 and assorted trucks and SUV's not a problem yet.

    The turning point for me in understanding how heavily computer-reliant this car is, was when my PCM acted up. The thing kept crashing. I would open the ___sunroof___ and the NAV unit would crash! There were numerous other oddities which all resulted in malfunctions of the software/hardware.

    My point? Though warrenty service fixed the problem. I decided NEVER take a chance with the car's electronics so ONLY do things Porsche approves of.

    Even if I'm "wasting" money by not getting the apperently-perfectly-good bargain charger, I remind myself that I didn't buy the Porsche, or any other luxury item I own, to save money.

    Good luck and sincere well-wishes to you guys seeking "equivalent" equipment.



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