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    What do you think a base 997 will be worth in 2 years?

    I can't afford a new 997 but will be looking for a pre-owned. I came close to purchasing a 993 from Holtmotorsports in PA (great collection of 993's). Then the 997 came out. I really loved the design inside and out. I keep cars for a long time and will need it as a daily driver, and maybe, just maybe take it skiing up to Snowshoe W. Virginia.

    So I need a car that will be a little more refined and liveable than the 993. Also helps that the back seat is a little larger for our now 8 month old little man.

    I'm assuming a base 997 with 19in wheels (the only option I care about) purchased for around $72,000 USD will be worth 70% of that in 2 years ($50,400). I would imagine the 997 would hold its value better than the 996 because of at least a perceived better build quality, if not actual.

    That would be in my price range then...for at least a deductible home equity line anyway.

    I hope a lot of people order Atlas Grey..that's the color I'm looking for on the second hand market!

    Anyone know what the dealer is quoting on residuals? Are they realistic or inflated? When I bought my wifes Passat it was a rediculous quote on the lease. Very unrealistic.

    Thanks and enjoy your cars..take good care of them because some of us are waiting in the wings for our turn!

    Re: What do you think a base 997 will be worth in 2 years?

    I'm no expert but the existence of as many 997Ss on the used car lot might be an additional factor to consider.

    IOW, The gap between a used 997s and a used 997 might have to be wider than you think.

    Re: What do you think a base 997 will be worth in 2 years?

    leveraged -

    You ask a very good question, one I'm trying to figure out as well. My base 997 (arctic, sorry) is due to arrive next month, and my decision to buy vs. lease hinges on depreciation. In other words, if the car is perceived to be reliable, I will buy the car and hope that after 3 years it will depreciate less than what PCNA lease residuals are.

    Currently, a 3 year, 12,000 mile a year lease has a 58% residual value...pretty low IMHO. Many manufacturers got stung when they rolled out artificially high lease residuals several years ago, and paid the price when they shipped the car off to auction. They got less for the car at auction, and the former lessee benefitted from low lease payments.

    So to answer your question, I really don't know. Your 70% residual seems like a "safe" number if you compare it to how much PCNA thinks the car will depreciate on a lease.

    I have a '95 C4 daily driver that I find very comfortable and my 7 and 5 year-old children fit very well in the back. You may want to reconsider getting a 993...mine has been bulletproof and so much fun to drive. (It's for sale if you would like some addtl' info, btw)...

    Good luck, you are a much more patient man than I!

    Re: What do you think a base 997 will be worth in 2 years?

    Thanks Jason,

    I try to keep a long term outlook. The way I see it, I've wanted a 911 since I was 12. So I figure 2 more years won't kill me..though it is tough not to think about it!
    I have to live vicariously through you guys.

    Once I drove a 911 (first one was a '86 3.2 targa) I was hooked. But of course there are things I had to check off 'lifes list' before persuing the p-car:
    Stable job (oxymoron)
    529 (college for son)
    Porsche Fund

    Re: What do you think a base 997 will be worth in 2 years?

    Good thinking leveraged. Family, savings, work, etc...should always come first. Think of it this way: if you focus on your career and savings/investments the material things you want will come naturally.

    I just wouldn't pass up a good 993 if you find one. Holt has a good reputation in the Northeast, despite the fact that his prices tend to be on the high end. It's such a rewarding and fun car to drive.

    Re: What do you think a base 997 will be worth in 2 years?

    $50K in 2 years time?...don't think so, unless the car has a ton of miles and shows more than double its age.



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