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    Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    So, over the last few iterations, Porsche created the 959 supercar which was a supreme evolution of the 911, the GT1 which was a homologation for the various GT series and LeMans, the Carrera GT which was basically a road legal version of a cancelled LeMans project, and now we have the Syder RS racing here in the states in ALMS and surprisingly in it's 3rd year, the V8 powered machine and really kicking ass and even taking overall wins over LMP1 machines!

    It's about to jump across to pond and start racing in the Euro LeMans series with driver restriction b/c the series is afraid the car will dominate in the hands of an all-pro team.

    So my question is this ... with the CGT done, do you think the Spyder RS will be water down as the basis for the next P Supercar?

    Do you think its V8 engine will make it into the often rumored 944 rebirth?

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    Porsche already has the V8 in the Cayenne and it will also be used in the Panamera.

    As for the Spyder RS, it's too pure a race car to be water down as a super car.

    My take for Porsche's next project would be a hybrid/alternate fuel supercar.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    Interesting points.
    The V8 was built from the outset as a torque/low compression engine more tuned for a truck - luxo cruiser application. I seriously doubt it has the flexibility to be a spirited sportscar engine but it'll pull hard ...

    I disagree with the opinion that the RS is too race car to be watered down for the street - that's exactly what the Carerra GT is. It was a cancelled Le Mans project that was made "Streetable."

    I don't think Porsche or VW has done enough R&D on a hybrid/alternate fuel supercar.

    The only two rulers of that camp right now are the diesel Audi R10 ane Peugeut LMP1 car ... and I doubt they're willing to share the technology.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    The RS Spyder is based on P2 regs. These regs are designed for prototype cars.
    The Carrera GT has its origins in GT1 rules. these were not for prototypes but for heavily modified production cars.
    That is not to say however, that certain facets or parts of the Spyder can not be integrated into a new road going super Porsche.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    Good points.

    So, what does this mean? Will we finally see an end to the 911 or at least the rear engined 911. Maybe a mid-engine 911 999 V8 in the future.

    I mean in all reality, everyone including Porsche realizes that have 40% of your mass over the rear axle just isn't smart

    I think the engineers have absolutely exhausted all the suspension geometry trickery they could to get the thing to handle as neutral as possible, but even then, going over a bump there's nothing more disconcerting than watching a 911 nose bobble up and down ...

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    I'm with you on this one.
    Although I have grown up with Porsche's and mainly 911's (my father has owned Porsches since 1958),I do think that their time is coming to an end.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    if porsche do not give an ultimate super machine for market porsche will be down.
    i mean porsche need a car to be rule the super car world just like fxx or zonda r.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    shaitan said:
    if porsche do not give an ultimate super machine for market porsche will be down.
    i mean porsche need a car to be rule the super car world just like fxx or zonda r.

    No, they don't. What Porsche needs to do is keep the weights of its cars down. There's no NEED for a $500.000 supercar, not even for image reasons, as Porsche has always built its reputation on light weight, nimbleness and relative reliability. Besides, with the next generation of cars very likely pushing 600 bhp and outrunning the supercars of only a few years ago (CGT, Enzo), one does wonder: what is truly left for the supercar anyway?

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    Did they ever use the flat 12 from the 917 in a street car? Flat 8 from 908 etc.?

    Sometimes race engines are just that.

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    You have a point, but it's a new day in age of Super Cars.
    Manufacturers LOVE them because of the (1) Halo effect and (2) the FAT profit margins per unit (Bugatti Veyron excluded)

    I'm not all that old, but I'm a definite car buff and can't think of any one decade when we've had so many super cars and manufacturers fighting to have at least one in their stable.

    Think of what was released in the last 5 years alone!
    - Ford GT
    - Saleen S7R
    - Bugatti
    - Enzo
    - CGT
    - Spyker
    - Murci
    - Camparo T1

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    I agree with the Halo effect, but sometimes it comes down to "win on Sunday, sell on Monday". Ferrair disn't use the F1 V10 in a car (and yes they did use technology from the V12 in the enzo), but a lot of time it's just that, technology migration. Learn under the rigours of racing for use on the street...

    and while this is a golden age of supercar production, the late 80's Mid 90's weren't much different! 959, F40, Bugatti EB110, McLaren F1, Lambo Countach, Dauer 962, Jag XJ-220, Lister Storm, Vector etc...

    Re: Spyder RS Engine will be for ?

    There are car makes who NEEDS halo cars to bring interest to their company, see Ford, Saleen and to a certain extend VW with the Bugatti.

    Caparo T1 exists for a different reason, it's a halo car but it's more of a showcase for the parent company's manufacturing skills, Caparo is a steel company and the majority of the parts in the T1 is manufactured inhouse.

    There are certain car makers who don't need the halo effect, their cars practically sell themselves, Ferrari and Porsche are part of that group. In this group, a supercar project is like a hobby for them and every now and then they would start up another supercar project just for 'fun', but also to test and develop more technology to be used down th line to the mainstream cars. The 'fat' profit margin isn't so fat if one considered the amount of R&D that when into the technology.

    Racing is just another way to develop and test new technology, while it's not a given that the race car will be turned into a street car, a lot of the knowledge learnt via racing will be used on street cars.

    The CGT was a race car project, it wasn't suppose to be a supercar but when the program got cancelled, instead of wasting all th R&D, Porsche just modified the project and make it into a 'supercar' to recoup some of the cost.



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