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    Re: 997S order, feed back appreciated

    Paul S in TX said:
    ATM? Bad analogy--funny, I've had 20 cars in the last 19 years and have not seen your slow leak problem; depending on temperature variations, you don't have to check tires weekly if that. When there's not much fluctuations, checking once a month should suffice.

    I have had two slow leaks in two different cars, in one I was driving above 120mph on the highway before I stopped to see what was going on, fortunately the tirewall resisted and saved me from a blowout at high speed with my wife on the passeger seat. If I would of had TMPS I would of not only detected early on, saving not only wasting the tire (it was ruined afterwards from the wear at high speed with low pressure) but also saved me from having to stop in the kerb in middle of a highway (and there is NO spare in the 997S) and a posible blow out.

    Paul S in TX said:
    And what will you do with TPMS if you want to run pressures lower than Porsche recommends, as at the track? Not to meantion, placing a lot of confidence that the system will not be trouble prone now or in the future.

    How about simply deactivate the warning an away you go to the track? ... which by the way, once you get the tires hot at the track, the warning will go away anyway because the preassures will level from the added heat of track use and will not be underinfalted anymore. Plus you also will know when they are hot enough and at optimum temperature/pressure and grip at the track.
    And there is nothing impeeding you from double checking the system manually if you want every once in a while.

    Paul S in TX said:
    Frankly, it kills me--tires have been on cars for say what, 100 plus years. And now we need computer tire pressure monitoring, to go with the pink poodle skirt option.

    Yeah, so have brakes and they say we need a computeruised anti-lock braking system, or computerised instrument cluster with speedo and tach readouts intead of our eyes and ears, and a computerised engine management system intead of the good olde carb, etc. don't you just hate those too?

    Re: 997S order, feed back appreciated

    Paul S in TX said:
    Well for one, you're assuming Porsche has now worked out all the bugs--have they? Everytime I'm at my dealer somebody in a Cayenne is complaining that their TPMS isn't working correctly.

    The Porsche techs I talk to say pass on TPMS for now.

    For another, are there sensors in the rims, (I don't know, but if not how's it work?). If so how's the inflator goop for flat tires going to affect them? Further, there's the moron factor everytime you buy new tires--I do worry about the tire installer damaging expensive sensors.

    Well, I speak from experience on the 997's TMPS, but seems you dealer isn't. Also there are other 997 owners with TMPS and have the same experience as I.

    If you pass on the TMPS for now, you will pass on the TMPS for ever, you can only get it from factory, its NOT RETROFITABLE remember, wonder if those techs realise that.

    The inflator ggop is compatible. and as to taking it somewhere that can ruin the sensors, its the same with any other item on the car, only take your Porsche to profesional shops that do quality work and know what they are doing. And as TMPS are becoming progressively standard in all cars due to the new legislation which makes them mandatory (for a reason) I don't see a problem with this anyway.

    Paul S in TX said:
    Can it be defeated for the track? And how's that work? That might change my opinion--if I can shut it down and it stays off (as opposed to having to defeat it everytime you start the car, like PSM) it might be OK.

    Yes, you can deactivate the warning (both add air warning o flat tire warning), and only the small light icon will remain on the instrument cluster until they are up to normal.

    Re: 997S order, feed back appreciated

    Wow- good to know! Thanks Carlos!



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