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    Don't let your friends drive your Ferrari!!

    A couple of days ago I returned from my vacation, the first thing I did as soon as I arrived home was to take the Modena out for a spin.
    I had been able to drive the car only two days prior to my departure, so I was dying to drive it again.
    I took one of my best friends with me.
    The conditions weren't perfect, because it had been raining and the streets were still pretty wet.
    I did the first 15 minutes driving very calmly, to let the car warm up, after I started to up the pace a bit but stil with the ASR engaged.The car was driving perfectly and I was in a good rythim, so I turned off the ASR and had some fun, sliding the car a little.While heading back home I gave the wheel to my friend (who had driven my GT2 various times and has been with me on the track), he started gently taking confidence with the car as I was telling him about the switches and controls.After a couple of minutes he started pushing the car a little bit, and really liked the way it was handling.Suddenly as we approached a slow corner near my house he switched off the ASR and tried to slide the car a little bit, I didn't finish the sentence "don't do tha.." and we were kissing a concrete wall passed the sidewalk.
    Fortunately the damage is minimal and I will have my car back as soon as I return from New York.
    No way am I going to let someone else drive my Modena anymore!

    Re: Don't let your friends drive your Ferrari!!

    O boy, Luigi, sorry to hear that.

    I know you heard that one before but here it is again:
    NEVER lend your wife or your car to a friend.

    You cannot imagine how many "friends" would have loved to drive my car and I always said no. They were first at the beginning but now they don't care anymore. Good friends understand a NO and if not, they're not good friends.
    I also avoid driving cars from other people but if someone insists to testdrive his car, I NEVER push it even close to the limit because I want to stay in a good relationship with him.

    I know my words don't help much but maybe you both were lucky that you came out of the car with no further harm.
    Take it this way: it could have been worse, on the car AND on you.
    Relax, you get your baby back soon.

    Do you have any impressions of the car?

    Re: Sorry to hear that

    I think Ferrari can be very tricky in the wet, especially i assume is your friend first time driving the modena.

    How long are you gonna be in ny man? I might fly down this comming weekend, as I remember, you apartment is quite close to mine right??

    Re: Don't let your friends drive your Ferrari!!

    I'm very sorry, I know how bad it hurts. I guess it depends on the individuals. I have several friends with very very nice sports cars and believe it or not they always ask me if I wanna test drive their cars and see what I think, and I never I mean never have driven any of their cars, just never feel right about it .

    LG1, I'm glad that the damge was not very much but don't ever lend your nice things to anyone .

    Re: Sorry to hear that

    Thanks for the kind words everyone!
    It's always been part of the fun for me to be able to have my closest friends share the pleasure of driving once in a while the nice cars I am lucky to be able to afford.
    Since this episode I never had any problems, but I guess that from now on I'll stick to giving them passenger rides!!!

    William: I'll arrive in NY tomorrow and will be leaving the 6th.I sent you my NY phone number via private post.If you make it there be sure to give me a ring.

    Also........ dont let you wife drive your Porsche!

    This happened to me a year ago, I was In the back seat (Drunk), Wife in the front with her friend. We hit the concrete divider doing about 70mph. The car hit the wall 3 times in a spin. No one was hurt (most important) And insurance wrote the car off. (thank god) I love my 01' much more

    Re: Don't let your friends drive your Ferrari!!

    Hello LG1!!
    Reading your words about your "bad" experience, I would like to pray you: please let drive your friends another time !!You don't know how is the abstinence;sweat on the hands,shivers ... please give to your friend(s) another dream!!

    Re: Don't let your friends drive your Ferrari!!

    I think I know who Cimmi is...
    Let me introduce to the board one of the most knowledgeable and passionate motorheads I know.
    A good addition to rennteam.



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