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    Who has Infos about the targa?

    Hi everbody!

    I read a lot of postings about the upcoming 997TT and saw many pics, but how about the 997 Targa? Do you have some more infos about that version.
    It will come october / november 2006... "I'm so excited, that I just can't hide it!!!"

    Maybe we can use this thread to colect everything about the upcoming 997 Targa?!

    Thanks for every info, pic and help...


    Re: Who has Infos about the targa?

    There have been a few threads regarding the 997 Targa, mainly showing some spy pics take from the net or from car magazines. Why are you so excited? The Targa will be what it always has been, nothing much different. Well, maybe one difference: there are rumors that the Targa gets the C4/C4S widebody instead of the narrowbody but this hasn't been confirmed yet. There also have been rumors that the Targa may be offered as a 4WD car only but I doubt it.

    Personally, I'm not such a great friend of the Targa concept. I owned a 993 Targa and although I really loved this car, I can't say that I would buy a Targa again. In my opinion, a Targa is "neither fish nor meat" like we say over here. I know that the Targa has lots of friends, especially in Germany and the US but I would always prefer a Cab over the Targa.

    Re: Who has Infos about the targa?

    Thanks for your reply, RC!

    I finally thought, that we should have a thread, where we could colect all pics and infos about the 997 Targa, because we got a lot of infos spread all over the forum.

    It's just an idea and maybe you can help with it to make it real? I'm just wondering, day by day there new infos about the Turbo but nothing about the Targa.


    Re: Who has Infos about the targa?

    I can't wait for the targa to come out. I'm a big fan. To me it is a great compromise between a hardtop and cab.

    Re: Who has Infos about the targa?

    I posted this stuff about a year ago:

    Re: Who has Infos about the targa?

    Gaz said:
    I posted this stuff about a year ago:

    Thanks for the hind!

    And that's what I'm trying to talk about... the infos are spread all over the forum.

    Re: Who has Infos about the targa?

    I'm getting a 997 Targa as well. I can't wait, but I'm not this excited. It's just a now well-known 997, with the also well-known 996 Targa roof. Keep true excitement for the upcoming Turbo!

    What we do know is that there will be a widebody 997 Targa and that it will be available with the 3.8L engine, because we all have seen it on spy shots.

    What we do not know yet, is whether Targa will be a body type, available in all body width, engine and transmission configurations (like the original 911 and 964 Targa); or a single model (like the 993 and 996 Targa).

    I remember reading about a 997 C4 Targa in the internal project database, and only about the 997 C4 Targa. Now, this does not mean we will only get a widebody, AWD Targa.
    The trick is, "C4" can either mean "AWD" or "widebody, as in the Carrera 4". Indeed, "Cn" can be a new body type. For instance, there was a 996 TOP C8 (Turbo Cab) and a 996 C9 (C4S, I think).
    So, we will definitely get a widebody 997 Targa, but it might be available as 2WD or 4WD, or both.

    However, this does not mean either that the Targa will not be available in 3.6L or narrow-body versions.
    Indeed, it is perfectly possible that a narrow-body, 2WD Targa using existing engines is definitely coming next fall, but will not show up in the internal project database as an independent project because it is entirely made of parts carried over from existing models.

    I for one am putting my money on a 4-model Targa range replicating the Carrera one:
    - 3.6L, narrow-body, 2WD
    - 3.6L, widebody, 4WD
    - 3.8L, narrow-body, 2WD
    - 3.8L, widebody, 4WD.
    Targa 4S, here we come! :

    Re: Who has Infos about the targa?


    It's long ago, so I try to get this question / thread back in mind without doing a repost! ;-)

    I've read that the new Targa will come in Novermber 2006 to the dealer.

    thx for your infos.



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