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    RMS Leak question: is it going to be chronic?

    I hear that the engine crankcase and crankshaft concentricity irregularity causes the RMS to fail.

    This means that any engine which develops this leaky RMS will require repeated RMS replacements for the life of that particular crankcase/crankshaft pairing.

    Is this true?

    Re: RMS Leak question: is it going to be chronic?

    Seems so, yes. Thats why after 3 failed RMS in one car, the engine gets replaced becuase they will continue to fail again and again. But that doesn't seem to be the case for most of the RMS failures since most only require one or two RMS seal replacements and never comes back again. Maybe the cause is still the same but maybe its not enough to cause more than one or two RMS leaks in the lifetime of the car, I don't know.

    Re: RMS Leak question: is it going to be chronic?

    Thanks Carlos. Someone said it is part of the fun of owning these cars. Hopefully, the seal will fail the third time and they will do an engine replacement just when you get almost 50K miles on it.

    Re: RMS Leak question: is it going to be chronic?

    If you are in GB they won't likely change the engine on the third RMS leak. They have the worst customer policies of any Porsche importer IMO. According to other GB P-owners, they will just keep changing your RMS until the cows come home or warranty expires and get tired of doing it. OTOH, PCNA or Porsche Germany or others, will likely fix your RMS leak free-of-charge even when out of warranty. So it depends a lot on the country you are in and the Porsche importer's politics. I suffered one of their RMS leaks on my 996 when out of warranty and Porsche Iberica only covered 100 Euro towards the reapir costs. And most owners don't even confront them about it because they don't even know the leak is due to an inherent design flaw that they have not fixed since the introduction of the 986 and 966 7 years ago and that its Porsche's fault and responsability.

    Re: RMS Leak question: is it going to be chronic?

    Luckily I would probably get the car fixed in SoCal. Drop it off and pick it up a month later if necessary. What a joy! (joking).

    Thanks for the help sorting thru this new-to-me issue.

    Re: RMS Leak question: is it going to be chronic?

    My pleasure MMD, glad it was useful.



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