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    2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    Porsche Wins again in front of the Audi!!!

    In qualifying for the first ever American Le Mans Series race in Detroit, the LMP2 class cars put the mighty Audi R10s in their place. The diesel racers that have dominated for almost two years were relegated to the fourth row of the grid. However. once the green flag fell all bets were off. If you're a race fan and you love to see cars battling for position on the track, not to mention seeing a variety of different kinds of cars sharing it, check out the ALMS. The Detroit race ran two hours and forty-five minutes and the action never let up. If you haven't watched the race but plan to do so, stop reading now. Otherwise for results follow the jump.

    Six LMP2 cars qualified ahead of the Audis, but as they approached the checkered flag it was a battle between Romain Dumas in the #7 Penske Porsche RS Spyder and Emanuele Pirro's Audi R10 TDI .Ultimately, the Porsche crossed the line six seconds ahead. Dindo Capello brought the second Audi home in third. Johnny O'Connell led Oliver Gavin in the GT1 Corvettes three and four laps back respectively in tenth and eleventh overall.

    Jaime Melo was one more lap back, taking the GT2 crown in one of the Risi Ferarri F430GTs. There was some on-track drama as well when Johannes van Overbeek had to evacuate his Flying Lizard Porsche 911 after fifty-three laps as the car burst into flames leaving a large plume of black smoke rising into the clear sky.

    The link:

    and there you can download a photo gallery

    Comm'on PORSCHE win the LeMans for 2008!!!!!

    Re: 2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    They did a great job!
    Unfortunately I was away for the week end and did not follow the race.
    Also - The Spyders ar P2 cars (less powerful than the Audi's in P1)
    As for Le Mans, - remember that Porsche built these cars for the ALMS and not for Le Mans. A P2 car in Le Mans will have little o no chance against the P1's., and especially not the oil burners!

    Re: 2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    What is going on with LMS RS Spyder?

    Re: 2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    Hi Mudrocket!

    Are you referring to anything in particular?

    Re: 2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    Well I was expecting the people to talk more about Porsche beating (and wining races again) a superior class car and with a lot of advantages compared to the gasoline engine!!! So I may give reasons to the Porsche marketing people that wining races is no longer the receipt for selling more cars!!!

    Re: 2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    The problem is that the ACO don't want the Spyders to win overall. They want overall wins to belong to P1 and especially diesel engined cars.
    As a result, Porsche's wins are downplayed by the organizers and also (to a lesser extent) by Porsche themselves, as they want to avoid being further castrated by the ACO in the coming season.
    BTW the ACO has already mandated a 50kg weight penalty for P2 cars for 2008 in order to slow them down and increase the possibility of P1 overall wins.

    Re: 2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    I was refering to a Le Mans Series team that is (or will be) running an RS Spyder.

    Re: 2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    The latest is that they have a "gentleman's"agreement with the ACO that will allow them to have only one pro driver in the car.
    This is the ACO's way of trying to make sure that the Spyder does not show up the other P2's and will also stay firmly behind (far) the Peugeots.

    Re: 2007 Detroit Grand Prix: ALMS race action

    That's lame because I was hoping the RS Spyder would show the same signs of speed in the LMS.



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