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    Options not available (yet) for the 987

    The following options aren't available yet for ordering until further notice from Porsche.

    BDYCLR 98 Non-Metallic Paint to Sample
    BDYCLR 99 Metallic Paint to Sample
    INTERIOR 99 Leather Interior to Sample
    OPTION E30 Leather Interior Package
    OPTION E32 Leather Defroster Trim
    OPTION E37 Makassar Defroster Trim
    OPTION E38 Sycamore Defroster Trim
    OPTION E39 Carbon Defroster Trim
    OPTION E40 Aluminum Look Defroster
    OPTION XCK Rear Center Console in Aluminum Look
    OPTION XCL Instrument Surround Aluminum Look
    OPTION XCM Roll Bar in Aluminum Look
    OPTION XCZ Sport Shifter
    OPTION XD9 Rims and Caps - Exterior
    OPTION XFD Instrument Dials Sand Beige
    OPTION XFE Instrument Dials Terracotta
    OPTION XFF Instrument Dials Natural Brown
    OPTION XFG Instrument Dials Guards Red
    OPTION XFH Instrument Dials Speed Yellow
    OPTION XFJ Instrument Dials Carrara White
    OPTION XJT Rear Ctr. Console Makassar
    OPTION XJU Rear Ctr. Console Sycamore
    OPTION XLA Chrome Exhaust Pipe
    OPTION XME Rear Center Console Painted Exterior color
    OPTION XMJ Rear Center Console - Carbon
    OPTION XMK Roll Bar Painted Exterior Color
    OPTION XMR Leather Sunvisors
    OPTION XMZ Rear Center Console - Leather
    OPTION XNG Instrument Surround in Leather
    OPTION XPA 3-Spoke Steering Wheel-Interior Leather
    OPTION XPV Steer Wheel Multifunction Aluminum Look
    OPTION XSC Porsche Crest in Headrest
    OPTION XSH Seat Belts - Silver
    OPTION XSX Seat Belts - Guards Red
    OPTION XSY Seat Belts - Speed Yellow
    OPTION XTL Door Finisher in Carbon
    OPTION XTT Door Finishers Makassar
    OPTION XTU Door Finishers Sycamore
    OPTION XTV Door Finishers in Leather
    OPTION XTW Door Finishers Aluminum Look
    OPTION XX1 Front Floor Mats w/"Porsche" Logo
    OPTION X69 Carbon Door Sill Model Insignia
    OPTION X70 Metal Door Sill Model In
    OPTION 405 19" Carrera Classic Wheel
    OPTION 407 19" Sport Design Wheel
    OPTION 618 Telephone Prep for Mobil
    TOPCLR V5 Cocoa Top

    Re: Options not available (yet) for the 987

    Tell me about it RC. I've got a March build slot and my spec was submitted to Porsche last week. They rejected silver seat belts. Don't know if I'll be able to retrofit them at a later date?

    RC: Do you know if all the early Boxsters will be built by Valmet in Finland? I heard something about capacity being full at all the German Porsche factories. Valmet have already announced 987 production on their website but i'm not sure if Boxsters will continue to be produced (in small quantities) in Germany.

    Re: Options not available (yet) for the 987

    you will definitely be able to retrofit new seat belts, this is fairly easy

    Re: Options not available (yet) for the 987

    No Carrera Classics!! Suppose that means I dont have to worry about my wheel choice any more!

    Are the wheels on the 997 and 987 the same size and fitment??

    Re: Options not available (yet) for the 987

    RichJ said:
    Are the wheels on the 997 and 987 the same size and fitment??

    I don't think so.

    Re: Options not available (yet) for the 987

    Maybe slightly slimmer on the boxster then??

    Shame that they are not yet available, not yet seen a picture of a boxster with the classics but the 997 looks fantastic on them.

    Oh well, will have to stick with the carrera S wheels then... Which to be honest still look pretty sweet!!!



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