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    Turbo X74, question for RC

    Or anyone who's driven one really.
    RC, you said you drove the X74, the dark blue one remember?
    And you said it was really worth it.
    In what way?
    Do you feel more connected to the road?
    I'm concerned about confort, for the girlfriend (ok ok and for me as well I admit ) is it very degraded or still ok?
    Would you touch every single speed bumps? (Quite a lot in Paris).
    Would you stil recommend it even if I visit the track three to four times a year and the rest, motorway and nice country roads?
    And a more general question, do you think it's a bad move to buy a turbo nowish considering the 997 is arriving late next year and the 997 Turbo, what? A year After I presume?
    Also, options like X50 and X74 didn't show up until about two years in the life of the 996 Turbo, should we expect the same with the 997 Turbo?
    Thanks for you help dude.

    Re: Turbo X74, question for RC

    A lot of questions, Francois.

    Yes, X74 is worth the money but you should be aware that it isn't adjustable like an aftermarket coilover kit. It gives a more connected drive feel, very precise and stiff. Tires play a role too, personally I prefer the PZero on the Turbo.
    Yes, it is stiff but there still is some comfort left. I know Paris streets and I think the best car would be a Mercedes S-class but if you want to drive a sports car, you have to make compromises.
    If you're still worried about your girl friend and cruising motoryways/country roads is your top priority, maybe a SL55 with Performance Package and LSD would be the better choice, not to speak about the retractable top. But I guess you're more of a "Porsche Man", like myself.
    Regarding the 997: rumors indicate that the Turbo shows up around 2 years after the 997 introduction. However, I'm not sure this is a good idea and maybe some people at Porsche think the same way. So I wouldn't be surprised to see a 997 Turbo 6-12 months after 997 introduction.
    It is difficult to predict, sorry!
    X50 is a must on the Turbo, especially if money doesn't matter (forget about resale value).
    I don't expect a power kit or sport suspension for the 997 Turbo in the first year but I bet that it will come sooner than for the 996 Turbo. As far as I heard, the powerkit development for the 997 Turbo engine already started, it is actually developped together with the "base" engine.
    I don't have power figures for the 997 Turbo yet but there are strong rumors that some people from the marketing department want to see a 5 in front of the base power figure of the 997 Turbo. This sounds good to me but unfortunately I'm not sure everybody at Porsche agrees.

    If you want to hear my personal opinion: over the last few years I came to conclusion that it is very important to buy a "special" Porsche model, something which isn't too "common". Not because of resale value but because of emotional value. It is much easier to build an emotional relationship to a car when it is "special". And emotional relationships also prelong the period one keeps the car.
    Right now, I'd go for a 996 GT3 RS, 996 GT2 (new model!) and 996 Turbo Cabriolet. But hey, it is your money, your decision and you have to drive this car.

    Re: Turbo X74, question for RC

    Hi Fanch,

    I decided to go for the sport suspension on my turbo. Please see some comments below:

    **Do you feel more connected to the road?**

    Drive feel is really precise and sporty. Although difficult to put in words (at least for me) the handling seems to improve quite substantially. I always thought that the standard set-up of the turbo is too soft, for example if compared to the modena.

    **I'm concerned about confort, for the girlfriend (ok ok and for me as well I admit ) is it very degraded or still ok?**

    My wife actually thinks that the car still provides a sufficient level of comfort.

    **Would you touch every single speed bumps? (Quite a lot in Paris).**

    I never had any negative encounters with speed bumps. The car is an ideal daily driver.

    **Would you stil recommend it even if I visit the track three to four times a year and the rest, motorway and nice country roads?**

    Clearly, yes. The combination of X74 and X50 is highly recommendable.

    Re: Turbo X74, question for RC


    Do I sense that someone is considering a Turbo right around the Xmas time?

    Re: Turbo X74, question for RC

    Whishful thinking man, whishful thinking...
    But to be honest, would I have the means right now, I'd go for it.
    Yes the 997 is coming next year, but that's two for the Turbo and another year for the Powerkit, the sport suspension, the bugs fixed etc etc etc (My assumptions are based on what we've seen with the 996).
    So getting a 996 Turbo now is nothing remarquable in terms of new car but not a silly move neither considering the "mature" 997 Turbo is at least three years away.
    Oh and f... it! This is all about passion! You should just get the cat you want when you want!

    Re: Turbo X74, question for RC

    MKSGR and RC,
    Thanks a lot for your replies, very helpful and interesting.

    Re: Turbo X74, question for RC

    I have been thinking a Turbo myself for a while. I already passed on my SL55 last week if you know what I'm talking about



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