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    Back from Zuffenhausen...

    dear all,

    i'm back from zuffenhausen where i collected my GT3 RS! the trip was fun, although i was quite tired because i couldn't get any sleep the night before .

    i took my brother with me -- we arrived a little bit late for the factory tour but the very polite receptionist called the tour guide and told him to stop and wait for us -- thanks!!

    i attended the factory tour three years ago when i collected my 2001 C2 and nothing much changed. but i can recommend the tour to anyone. it is quite fulfilling to actually see how these refined cars are being built. no magic, just good and motivated mechanics and brilliant logistic and organisation.

    the most interesting occurence was when a nearly undisguised dark blue 997 drove by and entered a nearby factory building. unfortunately i didn't dare to take a picture -- i was standing next to the tour guide who did his best to draw the crowd's attention to something else

    my impression of the 997 is ambivalent. overall appearance is quite nice. it looks more compact, more muscular. like a 996 which went into a fitness center and showed the trainer a picture of a 993, telling him "i want to look like this one!".

    but most people from the tour didn't even notice that this car was different at all -- so IMO 996 owners shoudn't be too worried.

    which leads to the point what i don't like: the front lights look quite like what we all expect: round! -- with separate bumper fog lights. and this makes the car IMO actually look oldschool. i know that a lot of die hard 911 enthusiasts never liked the the new 996 integrated front light design, but IMO porsche did a nice job, especially with the turbo/facelift. 997 drivers shouldn't be worried if they are mistaken for a mini or a VW new beetle in the rear view mirror

    btw: i had no chance to get a glimpse of the interior! the car disappeared into some factory building in seconds...

    after the tour we had a nice lunch (dessert was mulled wine sorbet with LOTS OF ALCOHOL in it -- porsche, i'm here to collect my car not to get drunk!!! ) and after a quick visit to the (small) museum...

    ...finally we reached the pickup center!

    the room was full of porsches, mostly 4S/turbo convertibles and... GT3 RS! five in total, all white/red.

    after some quick introduction i entered the car and turned the key at last!!

    the car is so nice, i just can't put it in words. i have never driven an "ordinary" GT3 so no comparison possible here. but in comparison to my C2 this is another world. the 6speed is perfect, the seats are perfect, chassis rigidity is perfect. and what i did not expect at all: the car is quite comortable and easy to drive. if you can take the attention this car could easily work as a daily driver IMO!

    we took the autobahn to my hometown (approx 600 km) but leaving it from time to time to enter a B road to give the car a good break in. unfortunately when we reached our destination it was all wet so i couldn't drive at full throttle.

    finally, here are my first impressions:

    - car looks awesome, a lot better than on pictures. calls attention but a lot of people think that this is an aftermarket job i believe

    - interior is awesome as well. center console delete IMO makes the car look better than the full kit "i wannabe a business limousine" with PCM, phone etc. the recaro bucket seats and the roll cage look like serious business. and the seats are comfortable and suit just perfect, at least me. my car is all black inside, btw.

    - 6speed box and clutch are just the best i've ever experienced. direct, short, accurate. i can't imagine any shifter to be any better. all the F1 tranny enthusiasts out there are definetely missing something!

    - rubber: MAGIC!!

    - sound: a lot less noisy than the carrera sports exhaust but a lot nicer! very mechanical. and on idle accompanied by a strange sound. i think luigi described it as "agricultural" in his post. that hits the spot! above 6000+ RPM an unbelievable trumpeting.

    i will finish brake in this weekend and take some more pictures. so expect a full full-throttle report on monday!


    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Ah Yes. But have you stopped Grinning like the village idiot yet?!?

    How many times have you been out to the garage to have a quick look?

    And has your wife finally given up trying to get you to talk about anything other than the car, the trip, the car, the factory, the car, the......

    One question for you. What is the bonnet fit (hood) like on your car?

    Mine is not the best in the world and I was interested if this is a side effect of the CF or just a problem with my car.

    Going to the dealers tomorrow to let them have a look but would be interested to hear what you have to say.

    Anyway, Enjoy!


    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...


    congratulations to your new car! Must have been an awesome day in Stuttgart .

    Good to hear that I'm not the only one who can't sleep in the night before

    Thanks for your first impressions. All those positive first impressions really makes me confident about my choice.

    Hope the weather will be better for you next days.

    And of course ... pictures from your new baby please


    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    ZZ...great report!!!!

    Now we wait some pics..


    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congrats to your new baby, zz!!!


    Happy & save driving,

    BTW, I can't sleep the day before either.

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congrats and have fun with it, now pics please


    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...


    Awsome write up, thanks

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congratulations to all of you that have picked up your new cars.
    You make me envious.

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    you rotten lucky guys -- we envy you. Have fun~!!

    Mr RS, if you need any lessons on handling McDonald's ramps, I'll be right over

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congrats man!! Enjoy

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congratulations to you on your new RS ! What a great choice!
    You see we are very envious here in the states; because we
    can't take delivery of an RS; just the fantastic GT-3.Enjoy !!!

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congrats, Sönke...your new car must be unbelievable.
    I almost fell for a GT3 RS but with a wife and two kids, I have to set priorities. You did the right thing, the GT3 RS is one of the finest Porsche models available and like the old "RS" models, it'll make history sooner or later by continuing the Porsche RS traditon. Very nice choice and I envy you.

    I didn't forget about the LOTS of them and of course a detailled driving report. Just can't wait...

    My "RS" will be this "little" baby for a while...well, maybe I just put a RS badge to it and dream of a white Christma...oops, Porsche.

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congratulations zz! I know you have been looking forward to this. Now, I think we would all like to see some photos of your new sled.

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congrats Zz!
    And thanks for your insight on the 997.
    So you're not sure if you like huh?
    Looking forward to see the real thing for myself now.
    Just can't wait!

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    The RS sounds awesome! What kind of tires are fitted?

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...

    Congratulations Sonke!!!

    I'm glad you've finally been able to collect the beast...
    Now it's mobile's turn than our own private Rennteam RS owners club is complete!

    I have no problems with the fit of my hood, so I suggest you have it checked by your dealer.

    Re: Thank you all! (and a couple of pictures...)

    thank you all very much for your nice congratulations!
    due to lack of time i nearly haven't driven the car on the weekend so i can't yet give you any further report than just tell that I LOVE IT and recommend luigis excellent monza track day post!! this thing is so keen on high-revving!

    as a compensation, here are some pictures from the pickup (please excuse my pixel-disguise, but i'm a little bit paranoid )

    here's the first one: me and my brother at the pickup center (taken by a porsche photographer).

    Re: Another picture...

    The proud owner (who can't believe it yet )

    Re: Another picture...

    Another RS with white cage and a black GT3 waiting for their owners...

    Re: Another picture...

    getting instructions...

    Re: Another picture...

    3 more RS' waiting in the back end of the pickup hall... note the last one without decals. is this the place where they attach the stickers?

    Re: Another picture...

    front view

    Re: Another picture...

    first km's... trying out some country roads near stuttgart -- where am i?

    Re: Another picture...


    Re: Another picture...


    Re: Another picture...

    and finally, a big hug and farewell to my C2 which accompanied me for three fast years! thank you -- i'll miss you!

    Re: Back from Zuffenhausen...


    Now it's mobile's turn than our own private Rennteam RS owners club is complete!

    The best and nicest membership you can imagine

    Re: Thank you all! (and a couple of pictures...)

    Great pics, Sönke, thanks a lot for sharing them with us.
    Unfortunately we can't see that "stupid" permanent grin on your face.

    The GT3 RS is really a beautiful car and if it drives like Luigi said (and I have no doubt that it does), you got yourself the hell of a Porsche. Enjoy!

    Re: Thank you all! (and a couple of pictures...)


    great pictures! Altough you can't see it - I can imagine that big smile on your face

    Right now I'm planning to collect my car at my Porsche dealer. I already was in Zuffenhausen this summer. (I attended a friend who collected his C2) But if I see those pictures ... maybe I should adjust my order also to "self-collector".

    Is this a GT1 standing right next to your car? Was it offered for sale?


    Re: Thank you all! (and a couple of pictures...)

    Absolutely fantastic!!!
    Congratulations mate! She looks gorgeous:t
    Very nice car.



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