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    how you make your shine and bling!!!

    seem not body had a topic about what car care product they use, and how they keep their car shine like for the show!?

    so start from me

    i used to use autoglym the pass,but not really happy with it

    but now trying mequiar's

    Re: how you make your shine and bling!!!

    I have been using Rejex and this product is amazing. Can be used on any part of the car plastic, glass just name it. You need to buy it on line though.

    Re: how you make your shine and bling!!!

    what is the website Ron?

    Re: how you make your shine and bling!!!

    bazza said:
    what is the website Ron?

    Rejex in the blue container.

    Re: how you make your shine and bling!!!

    Thanks Ron. Any advice on what to use for washing the car?

    Re: how you make your shine and bling!!!

    SoCal Alan said:
    Thanks Ron. Any advice on what to use for washing the car?

    I use 'Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner' by Meguiar's

    Re: how you make your shine and bling!!!

    As I wrote on Ferrarichat on Rejex:
    I think it's a decent product, but there are a handful of other products I like better. Really popular product on Porsche forums, but not sure it ever really caught on with detailing Aficionados. In some ways it's similar to that product from a long time ago called Liquid Glass. Car waxes and sealants are SO subjective. There are plenty of categories to weigh like durability, slickness, depth of finish, reflectivity, wetness of the look, ease of use, etc. I always tell people to use what they like.

    In any case, the key to a great looking finish is never the wax or sealant you use. It's the preparation you do through claying, polishing, glazing, etc. Once that is done, the wax or sealant is just icing. Technique rules over product. Virtually any wax will look good on a well prepared surface. The same cannot be said in reverse. Even the best wax will look terrible if you have not conditioned the paint properly beforehand. For optimal results, I like to use both good prep and a good wax, but there is no question as to what is more important.

    If you don't want to rewax that often, then I would definitely go with a synthetic like Klasse, Zaino, Rejex, etc.

    - J



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