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    Hello evryone, I am Fanch girlfriend...
    I just discover the world Rennteam, and all your chat, WAAAOOOO, you speak another language !!! I can't imagine that Fanch speak and ask so many questions about cars, because when his not connected to your website he still talking about SPORTS CARS all the time !
    I like sports cars and specialy his car the 996 C4C (you know evrything about this car !!), it's a fantastic car... But it's not enough
    he wants to change for Ferrari Modena, few weeks ago it was for a 996 Turbo, and then he saw an Aston Martin Vanquish (I prefer the Vanquish, I never saw a car with such line)... His so found of exhaust that I can know recognize the noise of Modena or turbo even with a sports exhaust. I am becoming like you !!
    I don't know what to do, please help !!


    This is great , don't worry che, just join us and enjoy the paranoia


    Oh my god!
    You have done it!!!
    I can't believe it...
    Now you know how crazy I am
    But it's cool, that's because I am in London, far away from Paris, I mean, if I was in Paris, I wouldn't be thinking about cars right
    Anyway, don't complain too much Celine, just remember how cool it was last summer to have the 911 in Italy, right?
    And Bourgogne, and Bruges, and Bordeaux and Provence and Normandie, and Germany (oups that wasn't with you )Now we could do this in a 406 estate diesel if you want
    (Actually Luigi, would you trust your Modena strong enough to do all this driving? Oups, another question, sorry Celine, gotta know, this could be US in a few months )
    Anyway, you know where I hang out,
    Expect a phone call in five minutes

    Fanch's passions

    Thank you Celine for the most entertaining post that I have seen in weeks!

    Solution? Well I'm not sure that there really is one. Just be thankful that Fanch isn't into airplanes instead. Then it would be even worse!

    But seriously, a lot will depend on whether you are really able to jump in and enjoy Fanch's passion with him. If so, then all is good and it can be something that you both have in common. In time, Fanch's greatest concern will become that you will actually want to drive his cars all of the time and, heaven forbid, that you are actually faster in them than he is!!

    If like many spouses, you come to decide that cars are a competitor to yourself then it will be a matter of whether you an Fanch can come to terms on how much attention you get and how much cars do. Ultimately, it could be bye-bye to either you or the cars.

    Anyway, not to fear. If you want more advice on cars and/or car loving lovers then please feel free to return at any time. We're always happy to have new people around (and especially if they are as entertaining you are).




    François, driving through Bordeaux, the weakest link would certainly not be the Modena...

    Celine: I think, really, the only thing you ought to do is to keep posting and share with us François' most imberassing secrets... That'll keep him away from the board for a while (maybe 10 minutes)!

    This is the funniest post in a while!

    J, Luigi, Stephen...

    Thanks for your support guys, I can tell you're on my side (just kidding Celine) Still, this is the last place I thought I would see you Nice surprise yesterday...
    Don't worry, I love cars but it wouldn't be much fun cruising Europe without you
    This is a deal then, next summer, hedonism trip in a red 360
    Bordeaux, Bourgogne, Chianti, Provence, man! Where are going to put all the caisses?

    Re: J, Luigi, Stephen...

    Hey Fanch - you're a lucky man! Most women just don't care!

    Celine - its your duty to NOT be indifferent to your boyfriends passions...
    Here's to you recognising a 360 Modena with a Tubi sometime soon

    Fanch - looking forward to the weekend!!!!


    Poor Francois...

    ...would have loved to see his face when he read your post for the first time.

    Welcome, Celine...I hope you enjoy this forum.
    Well, I know what you can do: marry this guy and get him a Vanquish as a marriage gift.

    Ok, I stop now...before I get killed.

    To Francois: you have a great girlfriend, keep her happy.

    Re: Poor Francois...

    This is such a good idea
    Celine, why don't you start saving right now by selling your polo
    Seriously, I am a lucky man, and Celine is very patient and tolerant woman,



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