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    V-Flow and TUBI exhaust

    I have the tubi exhaust installed a while ago and i can't feel any gain out of it, but after I installed the V-flow, I noticed a gain in power. The sound of the exhaust also changed to a more aggressive and throaty sound. I LOVE IT!!! I cannot help myself from not speeding because the car just sounds awesome at high rev. I can hear the car BREATH better. I asked the tech at porsche why would the V-Flow allow me to feel more power and he said that the TUBI exhaust that i put on earlier is probably not working in its full potential because exhaust is for shooting out air and that the TUBI exhaust allow the car to shoot even more air out, but at the same time, the car is not sucking in enough air before i install the V-Flow to accommodate the exhaust. He said that I am feeling the difference because my car now is able to suck in more air and at the same time shoot more air out. I don't know if i am making any sense but the main point is that V-Flow ROCKS!!!! I highly recommand it!

    Re: V-Flow and TUBI exhaust

    JL13, this is good info. I'm planning on putting on exhaust, headers, sport cat & the v-flow. My guy said that he likes the AWE stuff better than the Tubi. Have you heard an AWE exhaust?

    Re: V-Flow and TUBI exhaust

    v-flow is fantastic, i have it on my C2S and it's so easy to install.

    Re: V-Flow and TUBI exhaust

    I have never heard of the AWE brand but from what i have heard, quality wise, TUBI is the best. Sound wise, its all personal preference. The tubi gives the porsche a much throaty sound and at the same time provide very little resonance. I cannot immagine myself being annoyed by this sound. When you are not on it, it is not too loud, but when you are on it, it sound like a SUPER CAR!!! Actally, I have never heard my exhaust from an outsider perspective until last Sunday, and when reaction is: "DAMN IT SOUNDED GOOD" The funny thing is, all my friend have the same respond when they here it while my friend accelerate it through an empty parking lot! I have actually talk to the Tech at porsche about installing a sport cat, and they all said that it doesn't do much. The porsche cat is not bad and its not worth 2000 dollars, but its your choice. If you go with TUBI, make sure you have the V-Flow, you can definitely hear the difference. Maybe you should buy the TUBI first and then buy the V-Flow so that you know that i am not BS.

    In my opinion, if you are really thinking about spending some money to improve sound and performance, TUBI header, exhaust and EVO's V-flow is the way to go . I know this because I asked the TECH at porsche how to make my car is sound more throaty and his anwser is that the only thing that will do that for me right now will probably be headers. I also asked them if they recommand me to get sport cat and they said that its not worth the price to do it, but it will probably make the car louder.

    But guys, I have heard the best sounding porsche in my life last week and it is the 996 Tubo with the 650hp kit from EVO and a TUBI exhaust. I wish my car can sound like that because the sound is just UNBELIVABLY THROATY AND VERY VERY SPORTY! I was talking to the Tech as to how can i achieve a similar sound and he said there is no way because it is a turbo. Oh well, I am happy with mine now and I hope that these info that i provide will allow you to make the right choice. Also, the Tubi sounds even better when the rpm is above 4000. I can describe no further as to how my car sound from the inside and outside because you must hear it in order to understand it.

    Becareful tho, if you decide to go with the TUBI headers, exhaust and V-Flow, you speed a lot more then you usually are. i say this because i am doing this now, I want to accelerate fast just to hear my intake and the exhaust.

    P.S. I don't know about feeling hp gain in other exhaust but even I can definitely feel it. Its great!

    Re: V-Flow and TUBI exhaust

    Hey Kevin, I heard the V-flow; sounded pretty darn good.....

    mine should be arriving hopefully today! I might shoot you a PM if I have an installation question.

    Can't wait!!



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