IMO this was one of the best m boards around and now it has stopped.SmileySmiley

Really weird.

Here is the message on the board:

M-Torque Announcement

We are sorry to announce that as of September 15th 2009 M-Torque has ceased operation.

I personally would like to thank all of our regular users and contributors to the site over the last 8 years for their support through both the good times and the bad. The decision has not been taken lightly and is based on feedback from various users of the site and also ultimately the decision by BMW AG to try and remove this site from the internet.

To everyone who works for BMW UK and BMW AG you can thank your management for their part in this decision. This site has never been a commercial venture despite their ridiculous claims, yet BMW pursued us for many months with the intention of having this site removed from the internet, which considering this site was created to support their brand is, in my view, very short sighted and one that saddened me greatly, since a lot of time and effort has been put into this site by so many.

If BMW wish to review their decision and work with us to build a community that again can work with BMW and support them, I would happily change this decision.

If you have any comments, feedback or indeed if BMW wish to contact us, then please feel free to write to, we cannot promise to reply to all messages received and we may even publish some on here.

Best regards, Matt