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    The 06s are in town

    Just thought I would post about the upcoming arrival of my 2.7 06 Boxster. My dealer in NJ called my last night and announced that the car unexpectedly arrived about 3 weeks early (before I was told end of August at the earliest). I had to drop the phone for a second to do a little victory dance. Car will be ready next wednesday. Still can't believe it, I am going to enjoy my 06 for 2 full month of summer. And what a summer we are having here in the Northeast (NY). It probably rained 3 times this July. Words cannot describe my excitment. It will be my first Porsche... Hope to get a lot of happy experiences with it.

    Base Boxster in Seal Grey
    Black interior / Full leather
    Sport seats

    Will post pics next week

    Cheers and thanks to all for informative reading this site provide.

    Re: The 06s are in town

    Cool! As ever, keep your cool on pickup (though grinning madly at everyone is allowed) and make sure you check every inch for paint defects / packaging residue... yadda yadda yadda... Often 'scratches' are from the edges of the shipping cover film.

    Enjoy the summer!

    Re: The 06s are in town

    Happy driving, hope the weathre doesn't turn bad on you!

    Re: The 06s are in town

    Congrats flobon,

    And what amazing luck for the early delivery! You won't be disappointed.


    Re: The 06s are in town

    Congrats and thanks for posting! Gives me hope my Boxster will arrive before Sept too.

    Re: The 06s are in town

    Yeah I got the same call too --- vehicle already has the sticker MSRP and the invoice ready - going to arrange financing this week and probably pick up in a couple of weeks when I am in town :-D

    Re: The 06s are in town

    Grats! How's that for a nice surprise? Don't be possessive, let your fellow Rennteamers have a good close look at your new baby once you take delivery.

    Re: The 06s are in town


    I'm envious! I have a 2.7 on order as well and it had a projected build date of 7/15 and mid August delivery. Something delayed the order though and now I have a September build date.

    Re: The 06s are in town

    That's great news. You never forget your first car......until your first Porsche!
    Can't wait to see some pics.



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