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    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    I always tend to see as somewhat pointless all the rhetoric on which make/model of sports car has the better performance, does it matter to me if I can take an off ramp on the highway a few mph faster in Cayman or something else than a 911, NO. Do I care if other cars get around the RING a few seconds faster-NO. Do I care what TOP GEAR and Jeremy Clarkson says - NO (well maybe a little), If one drove almost any of todays sports cars anywhere near maybe 40% of their limit, you wind up with no drivers license or worse anyway. Most of the wannabe racers that worry about this stuff probably have no idea on how to drive these cars fast (me included), and obviously one would not do it on public roads (yea right) anyway. I love my 911s, would buy another in the future, could care less about any other model or brand right now, Im happy, I need no more horsepower (well maybe a tad) , if I could buy a 700Hp vet for 50K would I , NO. will I pay 100K for a newer 911, YES but only as long as it is an exceedingly high quality build, will Porsche keep making 911's , well last I heard they are in buisiness to make money, if we keep buying them, they will make them forever. If the quality goes down however, would forget about it instantly

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    The 911 will be around for decades because:
    * It's THE sportscar
    * It's an automotive Icon
    * Its the original Porsche
    * It's a physical paradox that actually works
    * Porsche seems to be able to perform miracles with the layout, and probably will be able to continue doing so for quite a few years.
    * It has a history like no other car, its brothers (Cayman/Boxster) included
    * It has a solid fan- and buyer base
    * People dont buy it because of it's performance alone. They mostly buy into the 911 as a brand, an icon. No amount of BHP and technical achievement from its competitors can really beat that
    * It makes sense from a business POV

    Porsche needs to develop Boxster/Cayman to their full potentials because:
    * The 911 engine layout no longer provides the best handling
    * Competition is getting a lot tougher, and altho sheer numbers may not sell a lot of cars, even loyal Porsche buyers realize that there are valid alternatives to the 911 if you want both brand value and a car that performs well.
    * It's better to cannibalize on your own products that have others do so
    * Fitting the Boxster/Cayman with the 911 engine range will be relatively inexpensive to Porsche and at the same time validate a price increase - and hence even bigger profits
    * Making the most of the Cayman/Boxster could potentially make Porsche king of both handling and branding.
    * The Cayman/Boxster would no longer be perceived as a pricey entry-level, little brother Porsche. Again, this would lift the brand perception and hence make it easier to charge more for the Cayman/Boxster
    * Finally, it would re-position Porsche as a company that produces the best cars possible. Not just a line-up, that fills a hole in any given market or pleases the people in their marketing department.

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    jcs said:
    Yes, the rear engined car's days are numbered.
    Nothing lasts forever.
    But considering that the rear engined VW Beetle (which was designed by Porsche in the 1930's) turned out to be THE all time best selling car in world history and is STILL going strong , I would guess that it has a few days left .

    JCS: I'm afraid the rear engined VW Beetle is not still going strong .... The car has been discontinued a few years ago (mid-2003). The "new" Beetle is derived from the Golf and is front-engined .....

    This being said .... Long life to the 911 ...

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    The new beatle is universally acknowledged to be a pile of [beep] though...

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    I think this picture says it all

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    Days numbered... not by a long shot!

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    Dr Phil said:
    * The 911 engine layout no longer provides the best handling

    That's what I'm talking about. I actually do think the handling of their cars are still very competitive and unique, thats why I love 911, but to still be competitive, they'll have to start improving on acceleration etc.

    No offence, but some of you are letting your love for the brand blind you to what I'm actually saying. Read my first post properly, regarding more power.

    Yes the 911 will be around for long still and yes it will still sell like hell, the time will come when it's not the best sports-car anymore

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    I think that there's plenty of life yet in the 911. At its price point there is still little on the market that has had the thoroughness of development of a 911 which gives it such a solid dependable feeling-even if the reality doesn't always match that! But I agree with BC911J that it could really do with a bit more power and preferably less weight because there are many sporty derviatives of mass market cars which are getting relatively closer in performance. Such enhancements would sharpen the driving experience further and add agility and open the gap again. I certainly enjoy the unique feel of a 911 and -even though it may not be as 'pure' as a Boxster or Cayman- there's a certain edge to the experience as you are always aware of that pendulum out back. Would the market pay 911 money for a Cayman?

    The 2008 997 should help the power issue but it would be great if they would fit the lighter doors from the TT/GT3, composite lid at the rear and use some technology to ditch some more weight-and make it more exotic-carbon, magnesium etc.but then it's too close to the GT3 for the marketing people. On the other hand perhaps they know this already and we have to wait for a 998-let's face it it won't be slower than a 997 will it, and I expect we'll all be queueing up for one

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    I'm really excited about the 998...
    I know it's still gonna be quite long, but I think It's really gonna be something else, regarding both performance and styling...

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    I've just bought a 911S and love it, and I loved the 986 which sat in the garage for the preceeding 7 years.

    FWIW, my guess is that P will continue to upgrade the 98x family with ever-more power and equipment. A 350 HP Boxster in the future? Sure. 400? Someday. Having a full range of cars from the USD50k to 100k range would be fine. Think 2:1 is too big a ratio? Look at today's 997.

    This will enable them to move the 997 even further upstream, starting at roughly 100k for the 375HP base model, and moving to 200k for the 500HP beast of the future. The competition is selling there; there's no reason for Porsche to give it up.

    Re: Are the days of the rear engined Porsche numbe

    Porsche 911 GT3 RS - Top Gear Magazine

    "Forget Aston and Ferrari. Porsche rules. And it rules with this car. This new 911 GT3 RS is better than any other Porsche, and better than any Ferrari or Aston. That's not my opinion. It's a fact. And it's not a fact that needs to be proven or verified, either. Not a fact that can be debated or questioned even for a zillisecond, by anyone, not even Aston or Ferrari bosses or engineers who may wish to disagree.

    I rest my case.



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