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    Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?

    Hi all! Sorry to be so giddy but I cant wipe this stupid smile off my face.. picked up my 05 997s cab, blk/blk, life is good! Just a couple quick questions.. I'm new to the board for last week or so.. I had the PSE installed by my dealer, and it works w/ the sport button. I read about that vacuum tube mod, is that pretty safe? I need that sound! Do I wrap up the open end with something specific, or just tape? Also, does anybody recommend the Permaplate paintguard/fiberguard/leatherguard? Maybe as opposed to a clear bra? Or should I get both.. Permaplate is like $1300, and dealer said they would need to do it asap.. Thanks for any help, and thanks for all the great info on these 997's.. I have had so many questions answered, I've been on here reading so much I'm seeing double. The enthusiasm everyone feels for these is great to see. I know that I always love looking at pics of other members 997's I'll try and post some soon. I feel fortunate, I only had to wait a couple months for my S, it was a cancellation, but had most of the options I wanted. Thanks in advance for any help on those questions, sorry for the long post but I can't contain myself and needed to blurt out how freakin happy I am! Now, for that exhaust..

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?


    Please post some pictures as soon as possible.

    I just had a talk last week with a car care specialist. A guy sold his Porsche with a bra. They removed it and saw that the paint has been damaged so much by the bra that they have to repaint the car. And anyway it doesn't look very well.

    Enjoy your car as much as I do.

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?

    I second Seven's comment about pictures, pictures pictures! Wow it seems most of the Cab's here on this forum is either Artic Silver or Basalt Black

    Welcome to the forums too! I had just dropped my car off yesterday for the installation of PSE, will be picking the car up tomorrow and I guess I'll see what the dealer says about the "modification".

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?

    Congratulations greggr107!

    Yeah, pictures please!

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?

    Welcome greggr107

    Congrats... life is raelly goooood! pic please!


    How old was the Porsche?

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?

    Ok, got some pics but gotta figure out how to downsize first, then I'll post 'em. I'm gonna do RC's mod tomorrow morning for the PSE, that sound is music to my ears.. probably explains why my Bose hasn't been used much

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?

    just create a gallery (very easy) and provide us with a link. Very easy

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?

    OK sorry for all the newbie stuff... I tried to post a gallery but had some issues (like, where in the heck did my pics go after I uploaded 'em?) Can anyone tell me how to post a regular series of pics on a thread.. I've tried search but guess I am 'tech challenged'..

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?

    I'm tech challenged as well but I'll try.
    Type something into the dialogue box.
    Then hit "Continue"
    Hit "Browse" to find the link to your picture.
    Then hit "okay submit"

    (The picture has to be a certain size. No bigger than 3000000 bytes. If you're using "paint" just make it 50% of the original size, that should work.)

    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?


    Re: Just picked up my 997s cab! Quick questions?




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