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    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    W8MM said:
    The suspension is so directly connected to the tub in a CGT that the eccentrically oscillating side loads, caused by those gooey lumps of rubber flapping around the circumference of the tire, transmit a pretty loud banging noise directly into the cabin. It's surprising to me that it works out this way.

    I wonder if an F50, lacking an engine subframe and suspension rubber bushings, would have been significantly louder.

    W8MM said:
    The brake pedal foot pressure is appropriate to track driving, meaning pretty high. After I had completely adapted to driving the CGT on and off the track for 3 or 4 days, I hopped into my 996TT cabriolet. The first time I went for the brakes in the Turbo, it almost put me into the windshield. I hadn't realised that the control forces were that different. If the CGT had as much brake boost as the TT, it would be very touchy on the track when ones body parts are under such high loads from the g-forces. Porsche got the brake feel just right for over-one-g track driving in the CGT.

    Music to my ears. Thank you very much, Mike!

    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    Thanks alot.. Great story.. Great pics.

    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    Amazing report !!!

    I really enjoyed it

    Re: Carrera GT Pace Car Experience Part I

    Terrific read!

    The very first time I drove the CGT, I knew that it had no peer on a track at least from a production car. It takes a modded specialized track car to out perform it.

    Re: Carrera GT Pace Car Experience Part I

    What a treat. Thanks for sharing

    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    I enjoyed the story, Mike. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

    Re: Carrera GT Pace Car Experience Part I

    This post may become a required monthly reading item for me, it's that enjoyable, thanks!

    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    W8MM said:

    Sure enough, I pull into the lot, find a parking spot way, way, away from anybody else, turn off the key, and wrestle my long self out of the car. Immediately, a mixed group of teenagers (with cell phone cameras pointing my way) spots me and one brave male asks,

    "Hey mister! Is that the new Corvette?"

    I say, "No. It's a Porsche"

    He asks, "A what?"

    I answer, "A Porsche."

    Another one asks, "How many horsepower?"

    I respond, "Six hundred and five."

    Immediately, this answer sets them off hooting like Gibbons at the zoo. I decide to not alter my gait as I keep heading for the entrance.

    how ignorant you must be to ask if the Carrera GT is the new Corvette?

    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    very entertaining mike
    someone took some good pics as well!


    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    Fantastic read I love your "pic-umentaries". Yes - I really felt like I was there. Wish I had been!! Enjoy and thanks a lot for writing it.

    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    Great read and pics- thanks a lot Mike!

    Re: CGT Pace Car Caper - Part II

    Thanks Mike!! great experience!!



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