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    Dealer in North West ?

    On the hunt for a new or slightly new 997S this weekend.

    I'm in Blackburn Lancs, so in between about 3 or 4 dealers


    just wondered if anyone could recommend any of them, or had dealings with them that they could pass on ?


    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    see '4 weeks to go post' and I've just replied to your PM.

    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    Hi Peely,

    Bought my 997S at Wilmslow - pre-owned, 8,000 miles, colour I wanted (Basalt), most of the options I wanted (Sat-Nav, Bose, Sunroof, Park Assist, Rear Wiper, Cruise Control, Adaptive Sports Seats, Telephone Module, 6 Disc CD Autochanger, Wheel Centre Set) - price just under Pounds69K.

    Took a hammering on the trade-in of my 18 month old Lexus SC430 (dropped Pounds20K)

    The staff were helpful and found this car for me very quickly. However I had a lot of problems with it in the first month - returned it 5 times for warranty work!

    It's been perfect since then and they have offered me a free 1st service when the time comes.

    Chester weren't able to find the car I wanted so quickly, but did ring a few weeks later with one which would have fitted my bill. I am having PSE fitted at Chester next Monday, partly because it's nearer to my home and partly because the workshop Manager inspired more confidence and generally seemed to know what he was talking about.

    If, like me, you're looking for a pre-owned car because you can't stand the wait, I would say do it but make sure all of the PDI checks are carried out and you get the print-outs, both for the 111 point check and the RAC inspection report. Somehow mine slipped though the net at Wilmslow, hence the initial problems.

    BTW - saw the link below at Chester - seems worth a look.

    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    Hi Kev - how you doing? Not long to wait now.


    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    Hi john ,
    yep nearly there! been into the dealers today to sort out the finacne, and had a sit in my new I am really ready to take it for its first spin (The dealer also had at least 6 caymens delivered while I was there and about 15 new 997s were in the back park, so march 1st is going to be very busy it would seem).

    Was asked if I wanted to have a 'diamondbrite' paint sealant finish applied, but I have seen some negative comments on this board about it so I have said no to the dealer. Does everyone agree with my decision?.

    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    I can honestly say one of the best things to do to a new car is get a detailer who specialises in Swissol applications.

    It is wihtout doubt IMO the best waxing your car will get. Dead flies, etc just wipe off with a warm cloth...

    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    Cheers Res,

    I've just been on the swizzol website and the product looks pretty impressive. Do you know what products I would need to intially clean and wax the car?

    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    Peely. Sorry for Hijacking your thread.

    It just so happens I do.

    For the full effect detailers will probably give you the following procedure.

    1. Hose the car down
    2. Wash the car using Swissol Car Bath and Swissol wash cloth (Warm water, not HOT)
    3. Rinse off with clean water
    4. Dry with a clean dry Swissol Cloth or a large bath towel made of pure cotton.

    5. Place Paint Rubber in warm water for a few minutes (Clay bar)
    6. Spray Quick Finish onto the surface and pressing lightly use the paint rubber. Rubbing in the direction of air flow over the car. (Use wet fingers to feel the paintwork it should be silky smooth)
    7. Apply cleaner fluid liberally with even back and forth motion. (Not Circular) over an area of 1m2.
    8. Remove cleaner fluid (Don't let it Dry). The paintwork will be squeeky clean and have a polished look about it. You shouldn't leave this finish open to the elements.
    9. The best bit. Now apply Swissol Wax.

    There are a number of wax recommended for different cars.

    ONYX. Standard wax for all colours. (30% pure Brazilian Carnauba wax)
    NITRO. For Nitro paints to prevent chalking after washing.
    SAMURAI. For Post 1988 Japanese Vehicles.
    SAPHIR. Much higher concentration of Carnauba wax for modern water based paints. (Good for Met. Silvers)
    SCUDERIA. For Italian vehicles. Alfa, Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia etc.
    356. Synthetic Resin Paints
    911. Wonder what this one is for. For two component coatings on Modern Porsche vehicles.
    CONCORSO (AKA "BEST of SHOW"). 48% Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax. Shine you get with prize winning classics. This is the one I love as on dark colours it leaves an almost wet look finish.
    MYSTERY. 55% Pure Brazilian Carnauba Wax. Never seen this one but supposed to be the best as it was developed for the founder of Swissol I think.

    Any other questions I'll try to help, but I have to say once your car has been treated you will not believe how easy it is to clean afterwards.

    Apply wax twice a year.

    I've started using something called "AUTOBAHN". It is a teflon based wax for alloy wheels. When used with VIROSOL it's so easy to keep the wheels clean.


    Not the best image I'm afraid but I have been an enthusiast of cleaning cars for 20 years and can honestly say, IMO nothing seems to work like Swissol.

    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    Thanks ResB,

    I have dutifully printed your instructions and await the big arrival. I have also 'redirected' the Pounds280 porsche were asking for the diamondbrite finish and will be purchasing some Swizzol products (don't think I'll tell my wife how much the wax costs though! ). Thanks for the pointers, I'll post before and after pics when the beast arrives.

    Re: Dealer in North West ?

    Hehe. The wax is a killer your right. The thing to do is ask for a Swissol Handbook. It tells you everything you need to know. It sounds complicated but it's not really.

    Don't forget to get the Towels, Cleaner fluid Pad applicator (White) and the Wax Applicator (Black) with one side which is sponge.



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