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    switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    Hi to all Porsche philosophers, I just love reading your posts and replays, thought being a shy guy, this is my first time actually logging in and leaving anything on screen.

    I have been a ferrari guy for last ten years or so. I just love how low and wide the car looks. With its beautiful body and sound, it's presence on the road is simply dominant and makes you feel like a superstar. It's a bit embarrassing but I enjoy that attention(shy guy?). I actually had a chance to own a 993 turbo but instead, I bought a 355. I'm not necessarily regreting my choice but just wondering what if I bought the 993 instead. Would I have become a porsche fanatic one who totally obsessed with its magical experience? I don't doubt it, I think its very possible just by studying many porsche crazed people just like you guys. there must be something I don't know.

    I did decide that I will sell my 355 soon so that I could get the new F430, but the design and other negative things such as the waiting time had made me look to other options. And I did my own little research on the new 997 and it seems to be a great car. here too, some don't like it, but almost all loves it. It is almost definite now that I will try this new 911 instead of waiting for the new Ferrari, but before I jump into the world of porsche I just wanted to hear why you people love it so much. I want to know in comparison with Ferrari. Please share with me your affection and loyalty towards 911, and help me understand. by the way I loved the new review of the new 997 by rennteam. very informing same time stimulating...

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    Do you drive your F car everyday ? I find Ferrari's to be beautiful sexy and a blast to drive, But they cant be driven everyday like the 911 can. Service on the 911 is 1/4th the cost of your F car..Nothing is as sensual as a Ferrari, But as an everyday sports car, the Porsche cant be beat.

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    Welcome. My first thought reading your post is that compared to driving a Ferrari, no one will notice you. It's a pleasure pod to drive, but it's not for attracting attention. For me, this is consistent with my New England sensibilities; when someone in a yellow something called a Subaru WRX pulled up next to me and looked over like they do in the movies when they want to drag race, I could crawl under my seat with the embarrassment of driving something which gives cause for thinking that I'm interested. Or the guy in the Corvette that puts it to the floor going by at an intersection.

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?


    Just a little introduction: I consider myself a very open minded person, especially regarding cars. I drove lots of them, some I liked, some not.
    Two guys from our discussion team just ordered a F430, both also own a Porsche. We try to be as unbiased as possible.

    From my past experience and taking in consideration performance, reliability, build quality, fun factor, etc., there are only three true sports car manufacturers left worldwide: Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.
    Which one to go for lies in the personal preference and also depends on what kind of person you are. If you're a shy person and if you don't like a certain "bling bling" factor, only a Porsche should be taken in consideration.

    Porsche cars are fantastic regarding twists and turns, they offer a sexy engine roar and the handling is outstanding. Furthermore, repair and maintenance cost is much lower than with Ferrari or Lamborghini. Porsche cars are also very good daily drivers, here in Germany a lot of customers even use them in winter time and during any kind of weather (never saw a Ferrari or Lamborghini in winter time over here in Bavaria).

    Ferraris are fascinating sports cars and they offer sexy looks and a sexy engine sound. Performance is top of the line, par to Porsche cars but maybe slightly less agile in curves, depending on the model. In my opinion, the new F430 is one of the most beautiful cars Ferrari ever built, if not THE most beautiful. From the technical side, the specs are very promising and I'm sure this car will lots of fun. Unfortunately even the 996 Turbo S is slightly faster from 0-100 mph than the F430 (factory claims), so I'm pretty positive that as soon as the 997 Turbo shows up, the F430 performance won't be too impressive anymore. But the F430 will sell like hell, demand is already very high and I wouldn't be surprised to see very high prices even on used cars. Resale value might be much better on a Ferrari, especially the F430 and probably even more with the F430 Spider. Quality is now much better than it was before, Ferrari learned from past mistakes. But due to the limited production, limited testing possibilities, etc., don't expect it to be perfect or up to the same level where Porsche is now. Especially over the past years, Porsche invested a lot of money in product quality, I won't forget the first 996 I drove back in 1997, horrible quality.

    Lamborghini offers now some pretty impressive products, both the Murcielago and the Gallardo are top products. Due to the development involvement of Audi (VW), especially the Gallardo has a very high quality level and should be a pretty reliable car. Performance of the Murcielago is far beyond good and evil, it is almost perfect. The Murcielago provides an impressive performance for it's weight but at the same time, it costs half of a fortune. The first cars had pretty weak brakes, I'm not sure if Lamborghini changed them but I heard a rumor that they improved the brakes lately. Exhaust sound is more sexy than the sound of a Ferrari and Porsche together. The Gallardo is an impressive performer and together with the 4WD, it is a good daily driver too. Visibility is a little bit compromised (same with the Murci) but you can be very fast in a Gallardo and it has a Porsche-like handling feel, offering top performance in twists and turns. And even on the Autobahn, the Gallardo impresses, top speed is sufficient and the acceleration up to 125 mph as good as in a Turbo S. I don't think that a F430 will really outrun a Gallardo which is driven hard but this remains to be seen.
    Repair and maintenance cost should be slightly lower than with a Ferrari but still much higher than on a Porsche.

    I know, the decision isn't easy. If I had the money, I would own all three brands but since I don't, I have to choose the best (for me!) compromise. Good luck.

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    Welcome to Rennteam alchemist

    Here is my humble take on it from another P-fan. The reason the Porsche 911 has such a "following" in the sportcar realm is that is a very special car, a very special recepy if you will, a recepy so special that withstands the test of time like no other sporcar and has captivated generation after generation of sportcar enthusiasts. Sportcars come and go but the Porsche 911 remains.

    There are many ingredients that make up the Porsche 911, the way the unique rear-engine design handles through and out the twisties, and the very special way it comunicates to the driver thought the steering, its agility, its braking, etc. That Flat six engine with its characteristic growl that becomes familiar since the very first time you heard a 911. The unmatched german engineering that goes into it and solutions they employ to make it so involving and effective.

    The sheer efficacy of the 911 as a sportcar, handling and performance is among the best of the world, and especially in the real world were the conditions are far from the perfect ones you find at the track and magazines. It can be raining and you still don't have to back off or grab another car like on other twitchy oe delicate sportcars, its easy to extract their potential by ordinary drivers, they don't require tons of effort to drive fast and are very noble at the edge.

    Its a very safe car not only in active safety but Porsche also worries about passive safety of its ocupants unlike other sportcars, so you can feel safer about carrying family members in it as if it were any sedan. And not many true sportcar can boast rear seats which are very usefull for short trips or kids.

    Build quality and reliability is ranked very high, the 996 ranked highest of all sportcars for several years in J.D Powers for example. And you will see owners putting higher miles on them than on other sportcars.

    One of my favorites aspects is that few, if any sportcars, that are in the same performance league, allow you to still enjoy driving a sportcar in daily driving and not only on ocasional weekend drives, its versatile, reliable, practical and safe enough that you can still use it as a daily driver. Thanks to Porsche I can enjoy a such a sportcar all the time instead of having to settle for a boring car for normal driving. Having to take the highway to work is now fun for example.

    Another of my favorite aspects is that its looks are not extremly attention grabbying and you can mind your own bussiness while you enjoy the car which is what its for, and you can take it any place or any ocasion. The silouette still reminds you of the 911 you grew up with as a child and never changes, from a breed with 40 years of street and racing history and heritage in its genes.

    Another factor is the price, which is "reasonble" if we compare it to cars in the same category, and resale (at least in Europe) is above the average car.

    Another key to its success is that the rear-engine platform is so prolific and versatile that there is a model version for every taste, from the GT2 giant slayer to the C2 Cab, from the all purpose Turbo to the radical GT3RS track king, the targa, the AWD's, etc. No other car can offer that.

    So mix all this in and you see why Porsche inpires such "fanatism" amongst sportcar enthusiasts. Basically, if you like to drive, the 911 will fit like a glove, period. Of course there are some other great cars out there but in my view, they "complement" a 911 in the garage, "there is no substitute". Like RC says, the best solution would be to have a Porsche, Ferrari and Lambo in your garage of course, then you cover all bases

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    Perfectly put. Period.

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    A while ago I had a chance to blow a $100K on a TR512. I hesitated and it was gone. I'm glad because, at that point, I didn't really want an attention-getting garage queen that I couldn't park anywhere except at home or office garage. The Fcar is also less reliable, getting an airport on time, with one carry-on bag, is said to be an adventure instead of a sure thing.

    The Porsche is more practical and "reliable" (no spare!) and, unlike F car you have to look twice to see how gorgeous it is. I consider them to be equally idolized by irrational fervent fans, but one supposedly works more consistently with mere extreme vs. astronomical repair costs.

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    Thank you for your replies, especially RC and Carlos, its been very helpful understanding the difference and advantage of having P with and over the F.

    I understand that the key elements the Porsche virtue are reliability, practicality, performance, and built quality all the while not really losing the sensual stimulations. it's like one of those kids who gets all A's and A-'s in school, who does almost everything well, but not super. whereas Ferrari is like those kids Flashy, super popular, baeutiful, but suffer some problems in the basic elements of life such as taking care of their health and stuff, sort of.

    Then, would the turbo compensate where the S lacks in the sensual / beauty department besides its already brutal performance? or there wouldn't be much difference? How significant is the turbo to the S? Is it worth the wait?

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    What happened to the '05 Spider you were talking about getting on F-chat? My opinion is get both, a P and F and have the best of both worlds

    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    If you post on 6speedonline you will find many guys who own both cars.

    I have owned virtually every 911 since the 80s. I currently own a 996 Cab and a 996 Turbo. I recently sold my 360 spider and may pick up a 360 CS this week (I'm going to drive it and decide if I wait for a 430 or get a CS). I've also owned older Ferrari's.

    The 360 is a perfect car to drive daily. IMO, Ferrari has improved in quality immensely since the 80's, imo Porsche has gone backwards. The cost of the Ferrari's 5K and 15K service is much higher than the Turbo, however, the car is in for warranty claims much less. My Cab and Turbo go in to service for minor crap several times per year. My Ferrari has been in one time for a radio problem.

    IMO, the Porsche is more of a GT car; the Ferrari is more of a sports car. It is much more exciting to drive, even though it may not be as fast. The reality is that I don't track the car so a car that is a few seconds faster on a track is irrelevant to me.

    As a daily car, the Porsche is better primarily due to its size. You can load luggage, bags and people in the Porsche; the Ferrari is very limited in that regard. I drive my 996 to the airport and can carry everything I need to be gone for long trips. I could not do that in the Ferrari unless I loaded stuff in the passenger seat.

    The bottom line is that if you drive every day, you need to think about what those requirements are. I drove one of my older Ferrari's every day. I only had to carry a briefcase so luggage was not a problem. I will say that customers looked at me like I was overcharging them when I pulled upJ

    If I could have one car, as a weekend car, it would be the Ferrari. The Porsche is the women you can marry and take home to the parents, the Ferrari is the woman you spend the weekend with in Las Vegas. The question is, which do you want?


    Re: switching from Ferrari to Porsche? why Porsche?

    The reason why Porsche's are more of a GT is because they're more often used as a daily driver. A Ferrari is not suitable as a daily driver to many people because of their "visability"; Porsche's are much more low-key.

    That being said, Porsche offers models to suit everyone. The GT models are as sporty as any Ferrari from what I've heard, although I havn't driven one before.



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