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    Re: F3 driver Ben Collins aka the Stig?

    Funny how people care about really not important the Stig's identity. I watched Top Gear so many times, incl. the Stig and never actually cared who this guy is. It was clear that he has to be a professional driver, so what ? There are tons of drivers like him, why would I care ? Of course this is a part of a publicity stunt to attract viewers to the show but honestly, I don't get it. I also don't get these reality TV shows, they are soooooooo dumb. Why would someone want to watch what other REAL people are doing ? I am actually happy if I can watch Batman aka "whoever plays him" kick some ass and then turn the TV off, knowing that I had some fun and end of the story.

    I have "real life" in my real life and when watching the news, don't need that in my precious spare time too.

    I don't get it...


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    Re: F3 driver Ben Collins aka the Stig?

    Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson says outed Stig Ben Collins has been "sacked" from the popular motoring show.

    The Formula 3 driver was revealed as the mystery white-suited driver after the BBC failed to stop him publishing his memoirs last week.

    "It was such a shock," Clarkson told little-known English community news service WitneyTV.

    "It was horrible actually because I liked him and he came around to my house and had drinks, and all the time he was writing a book, so I feel a bit hurt."

    Clarkson hinted The Stig character may be dumped from the new BBC series, due to air later this year.

    Collins took over the role in 2003 after a previous, black-clad Stig also revealed his identity in a book.

    "Trust me, we have many, many thousands of people queuing up to be whatever it is that we create," Clarkson said.

    "I've spent the last three weeks doing nothing but trying to figure out what we will do instead.

    "Top Gear is damaged but not out," he added. Source:

    Re: F3 driver Ben Collins aka the Stig?

     They should get a female Stig. Picturing a latex tight catsuit .... (fireproof?) 

    Re: F3 driver Ben Collins aka the Stig?


     They should get a female Stig. Picturing a latex tight catsuit .... (fireproof?) 

    A Stigette in pink would be the best way to go - removing one article of clothing each episode until she's wearing only a helmet!!  That would up the ratings alright...Smiley




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