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    Does any have any leads on Michelin Pilots.

    I am purchasing some GT2 rims. I would like to get the Pilots for tires but the tire rack is telling me that the only way I can get them with the N0 rating is if I own a GT2. I know I can get the Rosso's but I really want the Pilots. Thanks in advance!!!

    Re: Does any have any leads on Michelin Pilots.

    I guess tire rack is BS you, you can find the Pilot Sport N0 in GT2 OEM size at almost any dealer over here in Germany and as far as I talked to somebody at Michelin Germany a short time ago, there is no restriction to GT2 owners only. I really don't think that Michelin treats US customers different. If you can't get the Pilot Sport N0 in GT2 OEM tire size in the US, you might consider ordering it from Germany. The exchange rate is pretty much of an advantage for you but I don't know about shipping and customs cost. Just ask around at different tire dealers in the US, maybe you find what you're looking for. Or is tire rack the only tire dealer in the US ?

    Re: Does any have any leads on Michelin Pilots.

    Yes the tirerack has informed that they Michelin has them and they ar for emergency release only. Do you have a links that you can provide me with to order them from Germany? Thanks in advance.

    Re: Does any have any leads on Michelin Pilots.

    Here's what Hartmut Kristen , project manager of the GT2 says of the two approved GT2 tires : the Pirelli PZero Rossos respond more quickly and directly . The Michelin Pilot Sports have a softer character ( whatever that means) and are slightly quieter. He can tell which tires are on the car w/o looking after just a brief drive.

    Re: Does any have any leads on Michelin Pilots.

    Duane, right now I'm in the US and I don't have any german tire dealer websites at hand. There is Reifendirekt ( ) which has the Pirelli P-Zero Rosso in GT2 size (with N classification) but I don't have any dealer with the Pilot Sport in mind right now.
    May I suggest one thing: RS-Tuning ( ) sells the Michelin Pilot Sport to customers, I know it for sure because I talked to Mr. Schmirler a while ago about the GT2 wheels. Contact them, as far as I know they do send parts to the US too. Don't know about the price tag but considering the good USD vs. EUR exchange rate, it can't be a bad price, even if you have to pay shipping and customs in the US.
    Again I find it very strange that tire rack BS you because this doesn't sound right. Why would Michelin sell the Pilot Sport N0 in Germany without limitations but only to GT2 customers in the US ? This doesn't make sense. Personally I'd prefer the P-Zero Rosso because it is more sporty, especially the GT2 version has a compound mixture very near to the Corsa. But I guess this is your decision. As soon as I get back to Germany, I try to find out some online dealers who sell the Michelin.



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