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    new model: the turyenne ;)

    have a nice weekend!

    cheers; zzboba

    Re: new model: the turyenne ;)

    Don't give ideas to Porsche you never know what the outcome would be

    Re: i hope not...

    it is not a secret that i think the cayenne design is far from perfect. and giving the fact that it is NOT a sports car i think it's weird that the front would easily fit the 996. IMHO porsche lacks some creativity here, they took the easy route.

    I really wonder...

    ...if Porsche asked customers like us about the Cayenne's design before they started to build it like that.
    I bet the VW engineers got a shock when they saw the Cayenne for the first time.

    But to be serious: I like the Cayenne Turbo for it's performance figures (if true) but it's looks are really not my taste. The rear reminds me a bit of an old pumped up VW Golf
    with tuned exhaust and wheels from a cheap aftermarket Tuner. It doesn't look like a first class "super duper" SUV like it should be.

    Re: i agree 110%

    the exhaust pipes really lack style [same with the ugly tequipment four-pipe-oval thing available for the 996TT]... i really have no idea what target audience porsche had in mind when designing the cayenne

    the front is uninspirated (996 style), the side view is touareg and the back is ugly. voilá.

    and performance figures... yes... but why? this is a SUV. does it makes sense? anyway, IMHO this whole SUV thing is a kind of short living fashion thing, a zeitgeist issue. not a long lasting auto revolution. i drive an X5 myself, i like it, but wouldn't buy a SUV again. for me, this trend is over. if i could blow over 100,000 euros for my family car i would go for the S55 or S600 right now.

    cheers; zzboba

    Power makes sense in a SUV

    If you're a power addict like I am, there is no substitute.
    600 HP in a SUV?...give it to me, baby...yeah.

    The S 600 is great but trust me: you'll never get the baggage my family is travelling with in that kind of car. A SUV is a MUST for us. I also expected the Cayenne to be a little bit bigger than the ML but unfortunately it seems to have the same (usable) space in the interior.

    Also we love driving to the mountains and sometimes to regions where the streets are that nice. A S 600 is definetely not the car for us.

    It is funny: I like the Cayenne's technical specs but I can't get used to it's design. Before I get flamed, my advise to all Cayenne friends: see that thing for yourself in reality and then talk to me again. It looks better on the pictures than in reality.

    Re: Power makes sense in a SUV

    well, i have to admit that a SUV makes sense sometimes and of course it's always nice to have a lot of HP and torque . but today a SUV is a "must have" car which a lot of people just buy because it's hip. i live in hamburg and three friends of mine do own a SUV (1 ML, 2 X5). they all stay single and rarely leave the city limits. and they belong IMHO to one of the major target audiences who porsche had in mind when deciding to go for the cayenne. porsche turned from a sports car brand to a lifestyle accessories brand. and i do not get used to it, unfortunately
    anyway, they had the chance to revolutionize the SUV market, to create something groundbreaking. they failed.

    Re: Power makes sense in a SUV

    RC, I saw the Cayenne several times on the street, most of them in silver, a green one and today one in a dark red. I won't say that it looks bad.

    Re: Power makes sense in a SUV

    Does it look good?



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