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    I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Not going to give it away, but if I have the guts to go through with it, gunna get the C2S modded tomorrow...should be a fun day

    ooo what could it be?

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Give us a clue??

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    It's not clear lenses/markers.

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...


    I must tell you from experience once you start with the mods there is no stopping it. I hope you don't have an addictive personality. Enjoy your mods

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Hope this is not stupid question but what is "modded"?

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    I bet on a compressor !!!!

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    @mvn1971: "modded" just means modified.

    @ResB: c'mon mate, give us a clue...?

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    ahhh, are you getting an X51 powerkit upgrade?

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Right...just got the call. I'm offski. Will be back this afternoon. I've gone all scared...

    Sorry guys, love ya n all, but don't want to spoil it for ya until later.

    [Note to self]Don't forget the Handycam and Spreadsheet![/Note to self]

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Done in one day by the afternoon? Definitely not an X51 powerkit upgrade then because that can take as much as a week or so to do.

    I give up. Haven't got a clue what it could be...

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    turbo bumper upgrade?

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Well I'm back and a few PoundsPoundsPounds lighter

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    So what did you do then?

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Okay. Before everyone starts harping on about I should have done this, should have done that, what a waste of money, how can you be sure, your talking b******s etc etc I did this for a few reasons...

    1) To see what all the hype was about.
    2) Had some disposable cash.
    3) Share my own experience and thoughts.
    4) Share my first impressions.
    5) Help others perhaps who are contemplating the same mod make a decision.

    I've done some unscientific comparisons in the absence of any "real" testing and supporting information so take this with a pinch of salt. (Results posted later).

    Some of you may remember me asking if anyone had had their C2S re-mapped by DMS. No one seemed to have done it at that point in time but there was quite a discussion on how a re-map costing Pounds800 could reap almost the same power benefits of a Pounds5,000 X51 upgrade. (Easy, you were nearly right ) I'm not going to profess it does either as I just don't know.

    What I do know is that DMS turned up this morning and very kindly set about having their wicked way with my ECU.

    It took about 11/2 hours to complete and I took it for a spin. Well I cannot say for sure that there is a 23BHP and 30lb/ft2 torque, an increase of 6% over the standard BHP figure, but what I can say there is a difference.

    The car is certainly hunting more and pulls smoother through the entire rev range up to 7,000 rpm. There is still a kick at 4,000 and another at 5,500 but it seems to get from 4k to 5.5k a tad quicker. The car seems more drivable if that makes sense. There is instant power delivery when braking for a bend (Heel and Toeing) and then applying the accelerator on the apex, it seems quicker out of the bends.

    Anyway, I need some more time with it and I'll report back with my unscientific findings hopefully later tonight.

    There is certainly a gain, whether it's in BHP or Torque who knows, but the driving experience has certainly changed in a good way.

    Questions......let's av em.

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Nice! I have wanted to do this mod for ages but I did not want to be the guinea pig. You must deffo be the first person on here to have done it.

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Congratulations on taking the plunge..

    All i want to hear is whether you can definately 'feel' a perceptible difference...

    people who upgrade to the X51 always report a definite increase in power..yet people who just get chip'd in my experience are never quite as sure..

    are you 100% certain that the car infact feels faster/torque'ier' and that you are not just trying to justify your own purchase post hoc?

    Either way you have a wonderfull machine and even if the difference isn't particularily noticable I hope you continue to have a good time!

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Sorry people. Never got the chance last night to continue the test drive bu I should get time today. Quite looking forward top it to be honest.

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Res, are you able to get the car dyno'ed?

    I would be very interested in how much bang for buck this mod is.

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    Just been thinking about that actually. I've not had any of my car dyno'ed before so I'm not sure where I can get it done. There's "Well Lane Turbo Centre" which is fairly local. I need to do a little more research as I feel I need to have this done.

    Re: I guess I'm the Guinea Pig then...

    What are your thoughts after 5 days mate?



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