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    987 at OPC...AGAIN

    I have just had to take my 987 back toMid SUssex OPC again, this is about the 6th time in the 18 months I have had the car, on average once every 3 months.

    The failure this time?? A seat airbag harness has shorted resulting in a warning on the dashboard. It will require a seat removal followed by a new airbag wiring harness for the seat.

    Other issues have been, window one touch failure, rattle on engine at 2100 rpm when cold, exhaust mounting recall, CD player refuding to work, and a few other electrical glitches.

    Now, I love my car, however when the warranty runs out in September of this year, its less than reliable history is leaving me in fear of the potential bills if it continues its run of form.

    This constant in and out of the OPC for niggly little electrical issues is leaving my Porsche ownership experience severly depleted. Whilst the car has never 'Broken down' and left me stranded, it is constantly requiring dealer attention for one electrical glitch or another.

    What to do. My Pounds1600 Ford Escort estate doesn't require this sort of attention and my previous VW only ever visited the dealer once in 3 years.

    I expected more from Porsche and I find Porsche is ruining my ownership experience.....particulalry as I am driving a dirty old Saab 93 at the moment. They even tried to charge me for insurance until I kicked off.


    Re: 987 at OPC...AGAIN

    From the record of problems you have described, it seems IMO wise to sell the car before the warranty expires otherwise you will be paying for all these expensive repairs in future. No doubt there will be a depreciation cost plus the cost of trading up for another model. Is that a price you are prepared to pay? Some careful thinking/soul-searching is called for.

    Re: 987 at OPC...AGAIN

    Given the Porsche warranty is around Pounds850 you could have the car under warranty for a hell of a long time and still be better off than taking the hit if you part exchanged for something new.

    Re: 987 at OPC...AGAIN

    Extend the warranty - it saved me a big bill

    Re: 987 at OPC...AGAIN

    Do you use the car a lot???

    My 987s is almost 2 years old, 11,000 miles and apart from the recalls, a broken horn and a couple of trim issues I have no complaints whatsoever...

    I find the quality veru good, considering the performance and price..

    Re: 987 at OPC...AGAIN

    I agree with Easy Rider.

    Once I had bought a Grand Cherokee CRD 2.7 second hand. Beautifull car with all options... But it started minor problems and then bigger and bigger. I lost 18.000 Euros in depreciation and repairs because it took me a bloody long time to get rid of it. And you want to know what is the worst ? The dealer was having a joke at me saying. well you know we have you a reserved parking here...

    Just sell it before its too late. Just imagine all that hastle it will give you all the time. These cars are made to be enjoyed at any time.

    Re: 987 at OPC...AGAIN

    Extend the warranty for mechanical failure security only - you may find in the small print that soem of those other items get classed as wear n tear.

    As for the 2100rpm rattle, its a common issue, easily rectified in less than an hour and completed during service if you complain enough. Also the recalls are completedas service items too - there are many of these on most cars, just that internet forums seem to flush these out and make more of them than they really are.

    Re: 987 at OPC...AGAIN

    Thanks folk,
    mechanically the car is sound, it has just over 11,000 miles in 18 motnhs, so it doesn;t get used too hard. Its just niggly electrical gremlins that are causing issues, so I will how it performs over the coming months and make a decision just before the warranty runs out.

    Still, its funny how all is forgiven on the drive home......




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