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    new tire report

    well, after much consideration, i wound up going with the Kumho ECSTA STX tires. i was seriously tempted by the yokos, but the difference in speed rating, along with very good past results with Kumho (not that i have had particularly bad results with yoko), made the difference.

    initial appearance is that the tire is MUCH more agressively treaded than the connis. road noise is very, very slightly louder on certain pavements (you really have to listen though, the porsche is so bloody quiet anyway). driving impressions.... no real difference yet. have got them wet, and they performed very impressively. on the other hand, had no real complaints about the connis.

    which brings me back to the point i made in my first post on the subject. how much of the performance of the cayenne is a combo of good suspension, and great electronics, and how much of it is the tires? in other words, if you put a set of fly-by-nite tires on the car, would it perform just as well while grinding them into dust in 5k miles? i did some pretty violent manuevers in the cayenne with the connis, and got one small squeak out of them once. yet, to read the tire rack report, they are not very good tires.

    so what, may you ask, do i expect out of the Kumho's if the connis worked so well? better value, for one. better stopping and grip at the absolute limit, for that one time when the semi runs the stoplight in front of you.

    and NOT, to be stuck like the guy in my favorite picture from the old R&T(?), looking down slope at a ferrari wrapped around a tree with the caption "Good tires", Bob mused, casually lighting a cigarette,"but certainly not Great Tires"


    ps, found the pic (gods i love the internet) and posted for your viewing enjoyment

    Re: new tire report

    here is a pic of the Kumho ECSTA STX. note the directional tread. may get noisier as life goes on, will let you know.

    Re: new tire report

    Sometimes the sidewalls of the tyres are reinforced for very heavy vehicles, in order to get a sharp accurate and durable steering and handling feel.Maybe you should ask if these tyres are often used on cars as heavy as the cayenne is. Dimensions are one thing, but the inside construction of the tyre is also very important.Just an advice...

    Re: new tire report


    well you made me do more research, which is not a bad thing at all.

    specs for the two tires (from the tire rack site)

    Continental 4x4 Contact
    255/55 VR18 109V XL N0 (Porsche OE)
    treadwear max load max inflation tread depth tire wt
    360 AA 2271 lbs. 51 psi 10/32 32 lbs.
    Kumho ECSTA STX
    255/55 VR18 109V RF
    treadwear max load max inflation tread depth tire wt
    320 AA 2271 lbs. 50 psi 11/32 38 lbs.

    couple of things here. the connie is N0 which means porsche approved (N) and that it is the first revision to be approved (0). the XL means that it has the reinforced sidewall (good call, laz). the RF on the kumho is the equivalent marking (according to tire rack). they are both rated for 2271lbs, so the load rating is ok.

    however, i almost didn't get the kumhos because of the WEIGHT. in the miata club, tire/wheel wt can cause a barfight. look at the kumho's weight.. a whole 6 POUNDS of additional sprung wt. folks in the miata club would be having a heart attack right now. BUT.. look at this, the wt of a Pirelli Scorpion Zero is 39 lbs (put that tire on a DIET), which is also OEM and porsche NO. so wt is ok as well.

    still in the early stages, but had a dodge ram pull out in front of me and stop, which required a hard application of brakes, didn't drop into antilock, although all my luggage got rearranged in the back (doesn't mean much, dry pavement and who knows what kind of surface).


    sorry about the table formating, couldn't figure out what was wrong with my try.

    Re: new tire report

    well, as an interim report, put about 3k on the kumhos, in rain and some light snow. results? took an S curve marked 30mph at 80 with a fairly steady rain, but little ponding on the road (no traffic and lots of paved shoulder to unload into if she started to slip). felt like i didn't come anywhere near the limits of the tires. snow was also unexciting, i firewalled it in a turn and got nice accel with no slippage. in ponding on the interstate got very well defined cut throughs.

    so far, so good.


    Re: new tire report

    this image was used in Road & Track's "PS" @ the end of their magazine. the caption was:

    "A good drift...but certainly not a great drift"

    Re: new tire report

    well, while in a driving rain in KC, had a bimbette in a white tarus decide to pull into the left lane about 15ft in front of me as i was getting ready to go past her at 80 (she was doing about 50). the cayenne got a bit light, and i could feel the antilocks engage (between impacts of my lugage against the back seat). one slight shimmy was the ultimate result, and i did manage to avoid aforementioned bimbette's rear quarterpanel. so i will give the kumho's high marks for rain.

    i will also say they seem to be getting a little noisier, but still not distracting.



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