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    PSM/ABS Warning Lights


     Hi All,

    I've developed a problem on my 987 porsche BoxsterSmiley. The ABS/PSM warning lights comes on occasionally. Both will come on together at which point the PSM button no longer responds.

    Turning off the car will clear the warnings until the next 'random time'Smiley. From my reading and looking at other posts in this forum, the possible problems it could be ( in order of cost) the

    - Tires are worn causing uneven spin rate.

    - Wheel speed sensor

    - ABS Pump

    - PSM Computer


    - Contacts/connections to all above.

    I haven't had a problem until recently (owned the car for 12 months). I had not much left on the rear tyres (Yokohama Advan Sport). Today I have replaced them with PS2s. But still no joy immediately the lights came on.

    I have booked brake pads for next week, as they are lowish, at the Porsche Centre and will get them to look at the ABS/PSM issue if still present.

    But I would appreciate if any one knows if I need to calibrate or reset the errors due to my new tyres or can shed any light in general. Might save me some time and money.

    Re: PSM/ABS Warning Lights

    Sorry to hear of your problem. How old is the car?

    Re: PSM/ABS Warning Lights

    The car is a 2006 model. Auto w/ 17" wheels and without Sports Chrono or PASM.

    Re: PSM/ABS Warning Lights

    Sorry to hear about your problems, Matthew, sadly with the complex electronics on these cars a dealer diagnostic investigation and fix would seem to be the solution. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Smiley


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    Re: PSM/ABS Warning Lights

    Same things happens when you completely disconnect the battery or when your battery is damaged. The ABS and PSM lights will come on and after you drive a little will come off again OR you need to reset the "wheel" sensor by standing still (engine running) and rotating the steering wheel full to the right, keep it like that for 5 seconds than move it full to the right, again, keep it like that for 5 seconds and then back to the center. Drive away and the lights should be off by now. A flat surface is recommended. If such procedure doesn't work you need to go to the service and use their laptop to read the error codes. Good luck!

    There is no try. Just do.

    Re: PSM/ABS Warning Lights

    I'd second Pentium's advice.

    Also if the car is on the original battery, I'd probably test the battery / try swapping to a new one. (I had lots of warnings when my battery was duff).

    Other than that, as DC said.... dealer diagnostic.

    Re: PSM/ABS Warning Lights

    I made an error and "edit post" doesn't work so: it is full to the right, hold it there, then full to the left, hold it and then back to center.

    There is no try. Just do.

    Re: PSM/ABS Warning Lights

    As you mentioned that the PSM button becomes ineffective, you are implying that you cannot turn the PSM system back on? My initial assumption would be a faulty wheel speed sensor which both systems, ABS as well as PSM, rely on. I have had this fault on two cars in my surrounding, a comparatively easy and inexpensive repair.

    Good luck and let us know about the final outcome!

    Re: PSM/ABS Warning Lights

    Thanks all for your interest and help. The car's battery was replaced 10 months ago by a Porsche factory approved repairer (was having other work done), which probably ruled the sensor reset out. But I tried anyway with no result. Thankfully today at the Porsche centre they picked up the issue while changing my pads and rotors. 

    Funny enough I thought it was brake related, but it was the brake light. I had a brake light switch replaced and 2 contacts. Hopefully thats it Will post an update in a few weeks though.







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